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NASA's New Lunar Rover, Now Testing In Arizona 59

MarkWhittington writes "NASA has unveiled a new prototype lunar rover, called the Chariot, a production version of which is hoped to be operational on the lunar surface by 2019. NASA is now testing the Chariot lunar rover in Arizona, on terrain that resembles the lunar surface." Perhaps Arizona's an even closer match to the moon's surface than is Texas, or Moses Lake, WA where NASA was testing the last time we mentioned Chariot. (Here's a bit of video from the Texas round.)

Comment The Ribbon (Score 1) 5

I laughed and said that the productivity of the new Office 2007 ribbon menus provide should boost my firms bottom line by 12% as measured by my stop watch.
Holy crap that was funny. I keep hearing about this ribbon and how people hate it, but MS claims it's so much better. I'm pretty sure I've bought my last MS product and I don't know anyone who's itching to upgrade Windows or Office, I may never get to try it myself.

Submission + - Blu-ray/HD DVD Disc Sales Numbers Revealed

An anonymous reader writes: The High-Def format wars finally have yardstick against which to measure who's winning with the first public release of VideoScan sales figures for both HD DVD and Blu-ray. The first two weeks worth of data seem to back up what many predicted — that the Blu-ray enabled PS3 is helping Sony quickly close the gap with HD DVD, with almost three Blu-ray discs sold for every one HD DVD during the first week of January. HD DVD still leads in overall discs sold since inception, but that lead looks to be quickly dwindling...

Submission + - Adult Swim Ad Campaign Discovered To Be Hoax

makinola writes: "A clever ad campaign caused a serious uproar in Boston on Wednesday. On Wednesday January 31st Boston was on high alert as Police and F.B.I agents located "suspicious packages" throughout the city. Thought to be some sort of bomb plot, the packages were part of an ad campaign for Adult Swim. The packages were magnetic light boards depicting one of the mooninite characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force giving the finger. From the Article: "...Peter Berdvosky was arrested in Arlington Wednesday night and charged under a recently enacted statute making it a crime to place a hoax device that results in panic...Berdvosky was apparently working for, which was the company hired by Cartoon Network to carry out the ad campaign." The devices were apparently placed throughout the city 2-3 weeks ago according to Cartoon Network. I'm not sure which is worse,the over reaction over some harmless light boards or that it took the authorities 2-3 weeks to realize they should even be looking into anything. I surely feel safer today than yesterday."

Solving DRM in the BitTorrent Age 254

An anonymous reader writes "FiringSquad has a new article on DRM in the BitTorrent Age. They argue that the movie industry looking for "perfect DRM" should aim for the printed book model (people still buy books even though they can read them for free at Barnes & Noble). They argue that the missing element is that screenwriters are not marketed by Hollywood in the same way the book industry markets its authors."

Chinese Telecom Company Launches 'RedBerry' 287

Ubergrendle writes "The Globe&Mail is reporting that Chinese telecom company China Unicom Ltd. is launching a new wireless device unapologetically named 'Redberry'. This comes in the wake of an almost 2 year regulatory delay blocking the introduction of RIM's Blackberries to mainland China. Certainly this delay was convenient to China Unicom, if not deliberately staged to allow for domestic competition."

In Defense of FFXII 146

Next Generation has an article defending many of the somewhat 'controversial' decisions made in the design for the newest chapter in the Final Fantasy series. While it recieved a 40/40 from Famitsu, Final Fantasy XII has recieved some harsh criticisms for straying as far as it has from the Final Fantasy norm. From the article: "With Gambits turned on (and configured with just five minutes of commonsensical thought), battles go at least twenty times more quickly than in any other RPG. At their best, Final Fantasy XII's battles resemble rollicking fights in fantasy movies. The player merely directs his party through an area, freezing the action when he sees fit to make adjustments on the battle plan (stronger enemies appear, et cetera). This alone should be enough to qualify XII as a 'videogame.' The controller's vibration, for example, provides wonderful feedback. Yet players feel betrayed. They say, 'I want to press buttons.' They say, 'I don't want to watch my videogame.'"

Windows Vista Delayed Again 539

Trenty writes "Ars Technica is reporting that Microsoft has delayed Windows Vista yet again. Jim Allchin told analysts that the OS would not ship in January of 2007, which is a 1-2 month delay. Oddly, even though they are citing the need for more time to tweak security, business editions will available to volume licensing customers before the close of the year."

New PS3 and Revolution Info at GDC 67

GameDailyBiz has a talk with Jamil Molena, the Director of the Game Developer's conference, about the upcoming event. Some interesting stuff about what to expect out of the event, as well as some happy news about the Sony and Nintendo keynotes. From the article: "BIZ: What can you tell us about Phil Harrison's keynote? Will we finally get some new information on the PlayStation 3? JM: The answer is yes. In general, platform providers have a unique opportunity at the GDC to share knowledge with and inspire the people who will make or break their consoles, namely the game developers themselves. With that in mind, this GDC keynote, along with the Nintendo keynote by Satoru Iwata, have both been in development for several months, and contain significant editorial value and developer takeaway."

Journal Journal: FP!!!!111111

First Post!!!1111

I just wanted to see if it was as exciting as the idiots make it seem.

So far it isn't doing much for me. Maybe the thrill comes when I hit "Submit"...

The reason computer chips are so small is computers don't eat much.