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Comment: Been wou a while.... (Score 2) 254

by flogger (#48765307) Attached to: Heinlein's 'All You Zombies' Now a Sci-Fi Movie Head Trip
This movie was released in Austrailia, I think. I'd already seen it when a students bought me a burned DVD of it. I teach a Science Fiction literature class and "All You Zombies" is the story we read to introduce time travel. (I know there may better for introducing the topic to a bunch of high school students, but it works well with the other reading selections I use.)

Anyway, I watched it and it is worth watching. The story is mostly all dialogue which makes one think it would make a horrible movie without much action or scenery. Especially since the text is mostly cerebral. However, the movie adds some interesting aspects to the film. In the story, the temporal agent is charged of preventing disaster (terrorists?) and recruiting other temporal agents. One of the disasters mentioned in the story is the Fizzle War. The writers of the screenplay, Spierig brothers(?), did a really good job of taking the twisted timeline of the protagonist and incorporating the events of the Fizzle war to make the movie even more interesting, and thought provoking.

I'm sure Heinlein would approve of the movie. I'll probably go watch it in the theater.

It may be better than Primer... Now there is a good Timey-wimey film.

Comment: Adminstration (Score 4, Interesting) 193

by flogger (#48506401) Attached to: Chromebooks Overtake iPads In US Education Market
Right out of the gate, Chromebooks are easier to administer at an "enterprise" level. Yes, the school district needs to "sell its soul to get the management console (domain control and device management.) Google has been helpful with support for any needs we have. Getting in touch with and help from apple for issues is near impossible.

Chromebooks come with some good tools for using existing infrastructure without too much of a learning curve. Getting teachers to open and use a spreadsheet on an ipad is a lot more tricky than opening the same file on a chromebook.

Bottom line, if you are dealing with more than 5 devices, chromebooks save a ton of time and energy.

Comment: Change in operations instead of cash.... (Score 0) 246

by flogger (#48500053) Attached to: 10-Year-Old iTunes DRM Lawsuit Heading To Trial
I have an ipod.. If I am part of this class action settlement, I'll get 10 cents (as someone said earlier). I don;t want the dime; I want to be able to add media to the ipod without going through itunes... Want a class action lawsuit to do some good? Make it so that there are fundamental changes. of course Apple will say that it is impossible to put media on the ipod with out itunes... I know a few jailborken ipods that show otherwise.

Comment: Re:Hard to beat MIT's Scratch. Free and graphical. (Score 3, Informative) 107

by flogger (#48413593) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professionally Packaged Tools For Teaching Kids To Program?
I should just Mod this up, but I'll add to it.

I work with a lot of students at my school and I've purchased a few KANO kits. They are great and appeal to kids who want to program and kids who want to make cool cases in woodworking shop... Grab one and try it out. If it doesn;t work, donate it to a local school's computer club.

I also use RPG maker (There is a free version on sourceforge I think) which can be used to make some very elaborate 2d rpg style games.... At first the kids I work with love the mapping and simple switch oriented programming, but after a while, the kids are learning scripting and the logic behind all programming.

But, yeah, Scratch is great too.

Comment: The Ads are too late. (Score 1) 249

by flogger (#48083567) Attached to: Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?
The ads for me are always late. Here are a couple recent examples. I wanted the 5th edition D&D Players handbook. I knew about it from word of mouth within my local D&D group. I went to amazon and ordered it and a big bag-o-dice. For the next day or three, I see advertisements for stuff I have already purchased.

I frequent a blog HomeBrew Finds which is nothing more than a listing of sales around the internet. I saw a fermentor last month and ordered it. After I ordered it, I saw adds for fermentors.. .I don't need any more.

Contextual ads need to be a little more prophetic and a little less "I sold you so."

Comment: Bring back SMS/Chat (Score 1) 218

by flogger (#46974821) Attached to: Google Testing Gmail Redesign
Just over a month ago, Google dropped the SMS chat feature that has been present in Google labs for years. it has worked great and was the main reason I switched to gmail. Discussing it with other tech folks we can only conjecture that Google has ditched it because it was one of the ways people have found to sens SMS messages from a source that the NSA can;t track. (Create throw away email through some random VPN.) Contemplating going back to my own email server again. This new beta look might just be what pushes me over the edge.

Comment: Harrison Ford (Score 1) 325

by flogger (#46871229) Attached to: <em>Star Wars: Episode VII</em> Cast Officially Announced
With Ford's last two movies, a cardboard cutout of him in his 40's would have done a better job than he did. His performance in Ender's Game was horrendous (don;t blame the script Asa Butterfield and Viola Davis did great with what they were given.) Hopefully Harrison Ford's reprisal will be Han Solo sitting in a Laser-Rocker in the old folks asteroid telling stories of who shot first to you bantha fodderlings.

Comment: Without a public hearing? (Score 2, Interesting) 256

Welcome to modern politics. Politicians do whatever they want and don;t need to consult the public at all. And when motivated enough, these politicians can pass all sorts of legislation in a day. In the recent past Illinois lawmakers introduced a bill requiring teachers to teach until they are 67; passed the bill in both house and senate; had the bill signed by the governor. All of this in one single day. Teachers union, was shocked and has been fighting this ever since, but since it is "the law" they don;t have a lot to go on. Everyone else in Illinois has been on pins and needles knowing that the government can in a day vote your career into misery.

Comment: Re:Stop the Hate Child!!! (Score 1) 723

by flogger (#46109847) Attached to: Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

Yes, I still feel that purchasing this type of equipment is a waste of taxpayer money to prepare for an event that happens maybe for one day every 5 years at the most.

5,10,15,20,25,30,35 -- seven times in 36 years. Check.

I can count the times it's snowed like this on one hand in my 36 years here.

Says the seven fingered driver.

Comment: Store all media (Score 1) 187

by flogger (#45722551) Attached to: How much of your media do you store locally?
I store some of my media on the hard drive.., ripped DVDs, CDs, and yes, records...
I store some of my media in the TV cabinet... DVDs, and VHS
I store some of my media near the stereo ... CD and Cassettes and Records
I store some of my media in the closet ... 8 track tapes, floppy discs
I store some of my media on the wall ... Digital Art I've created.
I store some of my media on a linux box for streaming music at my workplace.... no pandora ads.
I store exactly one "album" in the cloud. which is about .09% of my media.

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