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The obvious other example is in sports---is there any sport which has a professional league where a substantial number of amateurs are seriously competitive? I'm unaware of any. In fact, professional sports teams are enormously better than even the best amateur clubs.

I think you will want to look at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Specifically, take a look at football, basketball, maybe even baseball. I'm usually hesitant to call the college football and basketball amateur, but they are generally considered still amateurs. In the article below, 40+ athletes were drafted to the pros. Most of these draftees contribute to the team by the very next year, some star. Ohio State has had the most players drafted from a single team at 17.

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I came here to post what the parent posted. I also figured your response would come next. China would get money, but so would American companies who market and sell the machines. So it wouldn't be total win for China as American companies would "win" too, by selling replacement computers. I even thing that bricking all the computers would actually stimulate the economy.

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I can't help agree with a poster above, who recommended the Ken Robinson video.

I also wanted to add that I think the way that our modern education system works has a lot to do with parents seeking a diagnosis for little Bobby "who just can't sit still".

I used to work in the environmental education field for quite a few years. I can say that I loved to have kids with "ADHD" in my group, because they were the ones turning over rocks and logs and activity searching for things. What is seen as a detriment in one setting, seemed to be an advantage in another setting.

An interesting thing to note is often how I would find out about their conditions. Since I did do some work at overnight facilities, I would sometimes would be told ahead of time medications and conditions a child had. But most of the time, I found out about it by a teacher saying something like: You know, so-and-so has a ADD/ADHD and he is just doing SO well out here.

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I remember going through my driver education and classroom instructor saying that speed limit signs posted above intersections and on exit ramps are just recommended speeds, not actual speed limits. I am trying to find some evidence to that...ah yes, he we go:
I tend to find that I am usually a good 10-15 miles per hour faster than the recommended. Apparently, the enforceable speed limit on exit ramps/bends is the same as the road.

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Interesting...but maybe he meant this:
The point is that Disney used the public domain (as you cited) to help create an empire, but lobbies to keep its creation from going back into public domain. This could be argued to having the same effect as stealing.

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My skepticism is based on the fact that I see that none of the "big picture" climate change has happened.

And you're probably never going to with that attitude. Saying you can't see the big picture of climate change is a bit like going to the himalayas and saying "I don't see them moving". In reality, they are geologically active and are getting bigger all the time, albeit millimeters in a year. Geology and climate are measured over time, sometimes vast amounts of time.

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