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Comment: Re:Seems like a delusional new age witch hunt. (Score 1) 104

by flayzernax (#48127417) Attached to: Only 100 Cybercrime Brains Worldwide, Says Europol Boss

Probably in you're pockets. Or in a bank that doesn't allow online access. But wow that'd be a tough concept to sell in this day and age. I didn't say we were wrong for having our money online. I said it was just too easy to get at. And people who are inclined to commit this kind of crime are inclined to get at it online where it's easy to get at in our really terrible online banking system.

But that would be less of an issue if less people had incentive to be corrupt. In an inherently 'good' society, people wouldn't really need 'extra protection' for their money. Though this is ideal shenanigans. It doesn't hurt to strive for a society where most people are 'good' and this is a low priority issue.

Come to think of it. I don't think it's a major problem. Unless you're rich and have lots of accounts and are easily targeted, perhaps somewhere in the middle class with a shitty bank, not necessarily rich, but rich to most thieves eyes.

Comment: Seems like a delusional new age witch hunt. (Score 2) 104

by flayzernax (#48120079) Attached to: Only 100 Cybercrime Brains Worldwide, Says Europol Boss

The only way to protect you're selves from cybercrime is to not put you're assets in easily accessible places by 'cyber criminals'. Believing you can catch all the criminals to end crime is the worst fallacy I've encountered.

* crime is not caused by criminals, it's caused by situations that cause the majority of people to become criminals.
* Cybercrime is on the rise because the payouts are better then other forms of crime.
* People are getting smarter and so are criminals too
* Our internet infrastructure is woefully in-adequate for what we want to use it for. But no one is willing to go back to the older and more reliable way of doing this. Which also had their fair share of dirty issues (filecabnets raided in the middle of the night out of the white house anyone)

Needless to say if you don't want people to be criminals. Don't give them incentives to be criminals and try to reform people or bring them up so they feel like being a part of society rather then antisocial sociopaths.

Of course there's probably no way to eliminate sociopathy 100% from the human genome. But there is good reason for it right now. Eliminate that reason and we'll decrease it 100 fold.

Comment: "We didn't focus on it because we weren't sure if (Score 1) 213

by flayzernax (#48112677) Attached to: NASA Finds a Delaware-Sized Methane "Hot Spot" In the Southwest

"We didn't focus on it because we weren't sure if it was a true signal or an instrument error,"

Because they were told not too. They damn well knew their instruments were calibrated right or the data would have been tossed.

This is such bullshit and just goes to show you how much control the fossil fuel industries really have over the world. If you don't think there aren't crazy old scrooges with their fingers on assassins harassing scientists, government officials and powerful businessmen and dictators and tryants alike.

You're a fucking moron.

Does everyone get directly assassinated that goes up against these bastards? Nope. But indirectly enough pressure is put on the whole pyramid scheme of society to kill any innovation down low at the base and to keep the top tightly controlled. And trust me the tools of terror these assholes use aren't simply assasins. It's just a blank generalization of the situation.

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Scientists don't care about doing good or bad more or less than any other human being.

More simplified for you?

I don't believe in the true binary principles of good and bad.

Morality is highly subjective.

To be honest. The only way a scientist earns respect is to be peer reviewed and have their theories tested. Hence the ones that go down in history as discovering something. That is the only measure in which science proves it's merit. In all other areas science is without a conscience.

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Is that their culture only allows 1 child, usually male, and that kid is doted on. Of course there is way to much incentive and doting on that one child. Creating the little emperor syndrome (google it) and now we have a government exploiting this. But most likely all this extra donated blood will probably go to waste.

Unless China is ruled by vampires. Which I doubt.

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There is nothing about moriality in science. Fools think that the label scientists equates to any other label like saint or angel or citizen.

We are all human. All humans are morally flexible. Scientists are no exception. There are scientists with good morality and scientists without.

But if you really want to look at the percentage of population and say that scientists have any higher a ratio of morality? Naw lol. You've got to be kidding me.

Scientists are just as bad as all the rest of us. And MOST of us won't even stand up for what we really want. What we really believe. And what we really deserve.

We live in a culture of shame, fear, ignorance, and basic root chakra survival need. Most people haven't opened up to more than that primal level of being. (I don't care if you don't believe in chakras it's a linguistic construct to describe the primitive level of awareness that we have in common with worms.)

Peace, shallam, fuck you and all that.

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by flayzernax (#47990049) Attached to: IBM Solar Concentrator Can Produce12kW/day, Clean Water, and AC

Who have been consistently modding me down and flaming me.

That this is a fine example of one of those 'myriad' resources for generating power that I was talking about.

This is just 1.... and this is not new. It's just finally been commercialized a bit. Perhaps. Or IBM will sell it and another company will sit on it. Or so until 20 yrs later and more mental programing destroys peoples ability to set up their own power infrastructures outside of what they 'expect' from state, and government and corporate america.

hahahahahaha :(

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I see I have a big fan. To bad the reality is most people are morons who don't even have a clue what they are talking about.l Including you.

But I must have spoke some very deep thruths to get a perpetuall following of emotional ACs and downmods.

Pull your heads out your asses people. There are myriad easy solutions to most every problem humans/humanity faces today that require little research and effort, or have already been implemented in the past but are seen as backwards.

Yet you follow your masters blindly because those shitty martini's at chili's appeal to your basic primate instincts and you've been trained since childhood to 'need' hookers and blow. Or bling.

Nothing wrong with, fun now. Just Americans are so willing to feed the beast in order to get 2cnd rate fun. Visiting 3rd world countries is more fun than the bullshit you poor sods are pumped full of every day at the gas station pumps (got to love the advertisement/tvs installed at pumps now)

Peace motherfucker.

Comment: Re:Cue the knee-jerk nuke lovers & their BS. (Score 0) 119

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Laughing because of the burning craters of natural gas all over the planet.

No. It's just a matter of, those who can wield the industry and distribution networks to deliver energy, just like to shake everyone down and keep us in check. So that they remain the only ones in the energy business.

It really is that simple.

I expect many downmods and much QQ incoming. Nope, not backing up my opinion with anything hard either. This is just the internet. And my posts are just food for thought.

What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.