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Comment Re:Advertisers, worry about security? Get real (Score 1) 235

Very much so. Advertising is a plague and deserves to be eradicated. And don't tell me "it finances content", because so can crime, and apparently the distinction is not entirely clear anymore. There are other ways to finance content, and if you do not qualify, maybe your content was not valuable in the first place.

Uh, because pay walls are so well received?

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 317

People don't account for what is being automated changing.

I try to replace myself daily. I write software specifically to try and replace me so that I can work on other stuff. The job that I did when I came out of college doesn't exist anymore. It's a collection of scripts and programs. Society has always progressed like this. Pretty soon drones are going to be picking my crops.

yeah but you had to write the code.

Just like someone has to program the robots.

Comment Re:Waste Disposal (Score 1) 317

Waste collectors have already dropped by 50% in many places because the garbage can is picked up by a robotic arm. The human drives the truck.

Problem is, though that guy is now 2x more productive, I bet his wages didn't budge an inch. Even accounting for the $10k robotic arm.

I know a guy who threw trash for a living after high school. Made a very solid middle class living. Was financially independent well before his peers who went to college first.

He also did a stint driving truck nationwide but went back to trash. Was home more, paid better.

Why? Because no-one else freaking wants to do it.

Some days.... I wonder if he didn't make the right choice! lol.

To fully replace garbage men with robotics would actually be very hard. The robotic arm driving down the street and picking up the cans is one thing, the inner cities with the dumpsters and the stuff in the alleys with all the other crap and the bums and stuff - no way. It would take vision systems and 'fuzzy logic' AI stuff to do it right and not wreck the buildings and the equipment and actually get the trash without killing people.

Comment Re:If your job can be described by an algorithm... (Score 1) 317

well, obviously, if everything is going to robots then your kids need to get into robotics and automation.

As far as robots taking over, that's impossible unless you can't unplug them any more. Terminator and BSG 'happened' because the robots (and accompanying AI) were let out of the box and were 'given' their own power plants and factories to design and build themselves. But even then there has to be robot controlled mines and refineries and roads and vehicles to bring in the raw materials.

It would be a very long road of mistakes before 'robots' take over. Ask someone who programs robots for a living. Every single movement is programmed, they only do what a human has already told them to do.

Comment Re:jobs? (Score 1) 317

Sorry you can't land one with your BS in Literary History of Transgendered Elves of Valinor.

As it happens, "hard" subjects are easier to automate than "soft" ones. That's why our games have physics engines but stories are scripted.

hmmm what would you get if you had a scripted physics engine?

Comment Re:Google fiber fears? (Score 1) 253

where i live a local ISP ran fiber to the door for basically the entire small city where I live in the midwest. I got it as soon as it was available and ditched the crap-tastic cable internet I had.

I got 6mb down 3mb up and it was something like $50 per month and I loved it. Never ever went down, never slowed, just pure light based bits all the time. That should tell you how terrible the cable service was. Their minimum was 1.5/1.5 or something like that so I was paying more for better service.

After a few years they changed their tiers and pricing, and sent everyone a letter. Their minimum was now 10 meg down 5 meg up. I was automatically bumped to 30 meg down and 15 meg up, since I had been paying more for better than minimum service. Same price.

So I called. I asked nicely why don't they please just put me on the minimum and charge me the minimum, thank you very much. So, with just a phone call, I STILL got a big speed boost and a ~ 30% lower bill. Win win.

It has NEVER EVER EVER gone down, slowed down, paused or complained. Ice storms, thunder storms, flooding, drought, wind, nothing.

Why? Because it's NEW. The DSL and much of the cable are using ANCIENT infrastructure. AT+T are never going to replace the countless miles of copper they have hanging all over the nation.

Comment how about reliability first? (Score 3, Interesting) 253

Why don't they focus on the reliability of their service first?

Why not focus on customer support, as a whole, first? They have a well deserved reputation for being one of the worst companies to work with.

Comcast is not any where near 100% reliable, I'd say more like 90%.

They have (or had, for a long time) crap modems that were only part of the problem.

People, businesses and government offices are putting all their eggs in this basket with internet, phone and TV, all coming in on one fat pipe.

When it goes down, they are massively screwed.

And it happens all too often, far more often than DSL. DSL might be slow and crappy but it is more reliable than cable.

Don't get me wrong - Comcast know what they are doing when it comes to slinging massive amounts of data great distances at high speed. They really do, and their internet is amazingly fast.

But why try to go faster when there are too many times it's going nowhere?

This, not to mention their hidden data cap. If they offer this massive bandwidth do they leave the data cap where it is? HMMM???

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 100

A simpler solution: press more numbers after you press "enter" on the keypad.

I thought this was old news. I usually hold some of my fingers lightly on the unused keys to warm them up without pressing, but this could be even better to keep the heating times equal.

I appreciate the tactics and countermeasures, but seriously, is this really a concern?


Comment Re:This is complete bullshit (Score 2) 187

If Mozilla wants their browser share to increase, deprecate the god damned single-threaded engine!!!!

At the moment I use FF for browsing because of the extensions - youtube download, ghostery, noscript, ABP. Also it seems to work well as opposed to Chrome which sorta quit working a while ago for some things. For this, being single threaded doesn't hurt anything.

I use chrome for streaming music. Seems to work well for that. only that. I used to use it exclusively for everything.

But since chrome inherently uses html5 it has broken netflix, audio and video get out of sync almost immediately.

So for streaming netflix and other video I use opera since it still uses silverlight.

To remove the political bugs within mozilla, use the pale moon browser. If they screw up the firefox plugins I wonder if pale moon will continue to work?

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 284

summer of 1996 I bought a system for use my senior year of college. Pentium something 200mhz I think, 512 meg HD, and I wanted 16 megs of ram. I was told I had to run 2 identical sticks in parallel so I 'splurged' and got 32 megs.

It really helped because I had to do a large research paper and my copy of word 6.0 really sucked up the memory. I remember running a copy of win95 on it.

Comment Re:To be fair (Score 1) 732

This is why building new planes (instead of simply building more of the teen series) is not only wasteful its pointless, the planes we have now can already do more than any human body can take. instead of pissing more money down a rathole for the F35 we should simply buy more of the teen series and if the fighter jocks still want their 1980s "stealth" tech? Just buy the F15 Silent Eagle which the last numbers I saw showed you could buy 3 of them for less than the cost of a single F35 and still have change left over.

Yeah, but the contractors need to justify their existence and that wouldn't be accomplished by just improving on decades old platforms like the F15.

Comment Re:And they didn't (Score 1) 528

If something is good enough for consumers it will be known and used!

Many web sites complains about ad blocking today, but they have to be aware that they caused the need for adblockers themselves. Too many ads like "Your PC have a problem" hopping like it has Parkinson on the screen is stressful and false. Static ads are actually less of a problem.

Ads with sound and pop-ups covering the whole darn screen are a sure call for adblocker to be installed.

yeah the fake AV malware epidemic that started around 2009 sorta ruined things

Comment Re: Fed up (Score 1) 528

Not to mention ads are one of the primary vectors of virus and malware

this. seriously. People ask me (all the time) how to keep from getting viruses on 'teh intertubes" and some people I just don't really get into it with because they aren't really worth the time.

But some people are intelligent enough to understand it and I tell them that to really be safe when browsing is inconvenient and doesn't really require an antivirus.

You have to block ads and scripts and all that stuff, ghostery, noscript and ABP, and those can be really annoying especially noscript. To be even safer you use sandboxie and that's pretty hard core.

But when you do it that way you are safe, no AV required basically. Nothing gets through.

Who would want to do all that?

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 187

lets play spot the shill. You scored the first point. Good job!

there seems to be a lot of them out right now. Even NPR had a piece that was so bafflingly one sided that if it wasn't paid for by Microsoft, then NPR got ripped off bad...

I think they have a nice OS and it did install easily, but so does 7. Is it better than 7? I don't know. I doubt it, but I don't like having the nuts and bolts hidden so much. Maybe it's more user friendly for the low tech users.

They are probably trying to be like Mac OS. Are trying "free" to be more like Google or Linux?

Either way, windows 7 is supported until at least 2020 so I'll probably just stick to that. My concern with 10 is all the BS they have built in for 'gathering information' and 'learn more about you'.

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