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Comment: Re:Good choice (Score 1) 313

Good Grief, you're kidding right?

Yeah, she's great. Smart, ambitious, a real success story. Couldn't agree more. She's probably a nice person, too, I have no idea.

Wake up, it's 2014. Privacy is in the forefront of everyone's mind who isn't living with their head in the sand.

Anyone connected with the BUSH ADMINISTRATION should not be involved with a company that people trust with anything PRIVATE. Like your FILES.

This transcends political viewpoints, societal viewpoints, gender and sexuality viewpoints.

Crapping on people's privacy craps on everyone equally no matter who, what or how you are.

It would be like hiring Kathleen Sebelius to the board of AETNA.

"Maybe now isn't a good time, sorry"

Comment: Re:Complete access and indefinite support for free (Score 1) 650

by flappinbooger (#46683895) Attached to: Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

But two swing out of the realm of opinion, you compare Windows XP to "OpenSource darlings like firefox" whose long-term support is measured in "months, not years". This is a bad comparison. A better comparison would be Ubuntu LTS which includes firefox and whose support is measured in years not months. However Canonical having only a fraction of a percent of the marketshare that Windows XP does, is not making a business model in supporting releases for over 14 years.

As a direct comparison, Windows XP is OVER TWELVE YEARS OLD now and has not one, not even two, but three major versions newer available to the public. In Ubuntu terms, Windows XP is the equivalent of Ubuntu 06.04 LTS (12.04 being the current LTS as 14.04 has yet to be released) and should be treated accordingly.

This sums up the issue nicely. Microsoft should not be on the hook for XP.

Their only mistake was making it so good...

Also windows 7 will have the same problem.

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by flappinbooger (#45893371) Attached to: How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin seems to be not a whole LOT more than a novelty* in the US but people in non-USA countries are using it for money and protection of wealth. That's what driving the dollar exchange rate up.

And, at $1000 a bitcoin, or $50000 per coin, I imagine people won't be buying whole "coins" but fractional amounts.

*aside from silk road equivalents.

Comment: Good to know what "intel security" is (Score 1) 180

by flappinbooger (#45893249) Attached to: McAfee Brand Name Will Be Replaced By Intel Security

I could rant on McAfee for hours but I never do.

As an IT professional (meaning that people PAY ME actual real money to do work on computers, important ones, mission critical systems and networks) I have had the occasion to rant and "go off" on NORTON products.

People pay for Norton products all the time but I cannot in good conscience ever recommend any product from them. I have repaired computers that were literally damaged by simply installing norton products. I could go on and on (and have, many times when appropriate) about how this software doesn't work and is literally worse than nothing - based on MY OWN personal observations, and I am NOT alone.

But I don't go on about McAfee, I simply sum up McAfee products with one line: The only thing WORSE than any of the Norton products is anything from McAfee.

Not even worth the breath.

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by flappinbooger (#45875703) Attached to: Yahoo Advertising Serves Up Malware For Thousands

It has been my contention that when websites no longer serve malware through Ads, then they can start complaining that users blocks ads. This is not an uncommon occurrence, even for large websites, and the fix is not always immediate. I recall not that long ago when the New York Times was serving malware for the entire weekend.

Yeah, they outsource their ad space to someone, that company gets them from who knows where. It isn't necessarily that easy to find out where each ad comes from.

Ads and email attachments are obviously the most common attack vectors I hear about. Also binding malware to pirated files or crackz are notorious too. Not all cracks or pirated warez are malwared but a lot are.

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by flappinbooger (#45766407) Attached to: Microsoft's Ticking Time Bomb Is Windows XP

Most people who are on XP are either on it because they are stubborn sticks-in-the-mud who like XP and think anything newer than XP is crap, or they are on it because their computer still works and they don't know what OS they have let alone why it's an issue.

You folks on here say "just upgrade to linux!" but there are people out there who don't know what an operating system IS, they don't know the difference between an operating system and a web browser. All they know is to click on the E icon to play hearts on yahoo and click on the envelope icon to see pictures of little Timmy.

I don't know how MS would successfully communicate the concept of subscribing to an extended XP support contract to these people. They won't understand.

Microsoft are really in a bind on this and it could really be a disaster. I have been moving people to 7 as much as possible.

Thankfully many PCs from the XP era have died due to the cheap capacitor issue.

The IT manager here is one of the sticks in the mud and he purposefully has many computers here still on XP and has been putting XP on new machines. Even in the last 6 months. Intentionally. He will buy new PC hardware that can still run with XP and put XP on it.

I know of IT professionals who were putting copies of 98 on machines well into the tenure of XP because "it's just better" and they thought they were smart and clever for doing so.

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by flappinbooger (#45405453) Attached to: Netflix, Youtube Surpass 50% Mark of Internet Traffic

I'd rather see how much of the traffic is from the new "pirate tubes" like viooz because at least in my area more and more have simply started going to them and watching online instead of using BT.

Yeah, no "uploading" just streaming. Get what you want, no strings attached. Video on demand is the future. Broadcast is dead.

Now quietly go away and never mention "the new pirate tubes like viooz" again. They don't exist, you hear me? There is no such thing. Ssshhh. (looks over shoulder)

Comment: Re:Recurring theme? (Score 1) 346

I am assuming it is only a minority of exchanges, but doesn't this seem to be a bit of a recurring problem?


Note to self-

Don't keep all your crypto on the exchange.

Oh. Wait. I already don't do that.

But the thing is, if this was a popular enough exchange, even if every user just keep a minimal amount of coin on the exchange, if the operators skip town with the coin it still has a big payoff.

But you know there were a lot of people with major amount of coin on there.

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by flappinbooger (#45151237) Attached to: The NSA Is Collecting Lots of Spam

I thought their NSA backup idea was pretty good.

Forget Mozey or Carbonite - Get “NSABackup!”

"NSABackup - we’re always watching!"

"NSABackp - We’re looking out for Terrorists! And your data Too!"

"NSABackup - you’re ok with it, otherwise you’re not patriotic!"

"NSABackup - Because of Osama Bin Laden, you’ll never lose your resume if your computer crashes!"

"NSABackup, why not, you’re paying for it anyway!"

"NSABackup - it’s for your own good! And the good of the country!"

"NSABackup - what do you have to hide anyway?"

"NSABackup - preventing terrorist strikes and data loss since 2001"

"NSABackup - They had your back even when you didn’t know about it!"

"NSABackup - For when your data integrity is more important than your privacy!"

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