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Comment There's a better reason (Score 2, Interesting) 1469

"But that hypothesis doesn't hold, to any relevant degree. A widely-cited 1996 study from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology sampled over 4,000 women and found that the rape-related pregnancy rate was 5.0 percent and studies from other countries have reported the percentage to be even greater."

A more likely explanation is that the women were already using some form of birth control or that they simply were not in the fertile period of their cycle.

Comment Rick Shelley's "Second Commonwealth War" Trilogy (Score 1) 1365

The three books composing the Second Commonwealth War series are the most depressing stories I have read in over 60 years of reading science fiction.

I fought in Viet Nam, and then went freelance, fighting for various groups and causes through Africa and Asia. On occasion I've read the same book several times in succession simply because it was the only damned book I had or could get. I know war fairly well from a ground-level perspective.

Rick Shelley appears to know war quite well, himself. He has certainly captured the essence of war in these books. The whole "we won, but at what a cost" syndrome is laid out for everyone to see.

You can "win" any war. But at what cost to your own side?

Comment So, the teacher wants to hide the report card? (Score 3, Informative) 557

I've taught in the military, public schools, and private industry. As a teacher, I know that evaluations of my technique can help me hone my skills and become more effective. The public teachers in NYC should take the critique and act upon it to make them better at their jobs.



Graphene Membranes Superpermeable to Water 292

Dr Max writes "Not only is graphene the strongest, thinnest and best conducting material known to man, it is now shown to have superpermeability with respect to water as well. This allows a membrane made with graphene to pass water right through it (PDF), while another atom or molecule (even helium) gets blocked. 'The properties are so unusual that it is hard to imagine that they cannot find some use in the design of filtration, separation or barrier membranes and for selective removal of water,' said one of the researchers."

Comment Re:Why explicitly war zone? (Score 0) 352

Being a westerner, and being a geek, you probably wouldn't be toting any protection beyond a cellphone. That places you in a very precarious position. You'd be a prime target for kidnapping and easy meat for a drive-by or casual sniping.

You wouldn't really be safe outside of a compound, and possibly not even there. I spent most of 40 years in combat zones. It's a damned hard place to live if you aren't armed and don't have team mates to cover your ass. IMHO, people who like "daily excitement" don't generally need to worry about having piles of money for later. Mainly because they don't get a "later," just dead.

Comment Re:Barrack "Handjob Hussein" Obama (Score 0) 427

Our particular form of government is past it's prime and is too big to work as it stands. The American government was designed to support the needs of widely-spread agrarian society with little or no access to news and discussions of current issues, but were fortunate to have personal trust in the people elected as representatives.

All of those conditions disappeared long ago. All we have left now is a corrupt collection of power-hungry gits.

Comment Barrack "Handjob Hussein" Obama (Score 0) 427

"We The People" is an ingenious device to let the American subjects think that they have some effect on government's actions, when in actuality, this is yet another method for Obama to jerk you off. Change you can believe in: Say hello to the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss. Credits:
  • The 2008 Obama Campaign (Change slogan)
  • Phil Fotot (Handjob Hussein, the Jerkoff King)
  • The Who (Won't Get Fooled Again)

Comment Re:I stopped reading the responses after... (Score 1) 920

Not being ironic or sarcastic here, not even defending your president's answer, just an honest question: is marijuana really proved to be totally non-addictive? Or is it something still up for debate and research?

Marijuana is addictive in the same manner as is enjoying a scone with your tea every morning. Once you are accustomed to that scone, if it's taken away you experience an annoyance that slightly disrupts your mental well being. How disruptive is not having that joint after work? Not enough to measure. Physical addiction? LOL. There is none. Even government studies have refuted that theory.

As for the rest of the letter's statements, well, charitably, it was well written. It was all lies and 1930's-style FUD (a la "Reefer Madness").

It is in Obama's best interest to lie his way out of having any serious discussion on the legalization issue because he knows that he'll have his ass handed to him in a debate on the subject. He has no ammunition and no way to find any because it doesn't exist unless he has it manufactured.

Perhaps Michelle or one of his kids will be stricken with Multiple Sclerosis. It would be a very Dickens-esque ending.

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