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Comment: what the hell - Underestimated! (Score 1) 241

by flahwho (#40289055) Attached to: Why Your IT Department Needs To Staff a Hacker
That's a buncha bullshit.... The good TRUE hackers are typically highly paid programmers and people with a LOT of experience... those not willing to give it up for legitimacy. They're not your run of the mill IT specialists, or kids who can steal MP3s or rip movies. They often have years of PRACTICAL experience in cracking codes, breaking into shit and stealing even more shit. and certainly NOT the "oh ill take $11 dollars an hour because I'm MS certified... and oh yeah I've hacked my neighbors network" type. You underestimate REAL hackers... and you won't hire them I assure you. Even the been-busted-before ones. You could never put up the money they are accustomed to getting.

Comment: Are you kidding me!? (Score 1) 405

by flahwho (#36097688) Attached to: Is Your Electricity Meter Spying On You?
I work for Gas and Electric municipalities all over the country. Smart meters are designed to transmit usage data and never have I heard of ANY PUC (Public Utilities Commision) or even Private or co-op Municipalities collecting data other than for billing or diagnostic purposes. I work DIRECTLY with data collection and billing accuracies for Gas Meters and have NEVER seen ANYTHING to indicate this is going on.. As a matter of fact I would think that it would be illegal if they sold any of that information. Fucking paranoids... It's not even happening anyway! Really!?

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