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Comment Re:The Most Shocking Thing About the France Attack (Score 2) 259

> MORELL: So, I think what we're going to learn, we don't know for sure yet, but I think what we're going to learn is that these guys are communicating via these encrypted apps, right, the commercial encryption, which is very difficult, if not impossible, for governments to break, and the producers of which don't produce the keys necessary for law enforcement to read the encrypted messages.

Christ, you can hear in the transcript the internal discomfort that must come with the awareness that you are being a mouthpiece.

Comment Re:The Most Shocking Thing About the France Attack (Score 1) 259

> If these asshats are smart, and they are, they are using one-time pads

Or communicate in person. How much electronic coordination is required to gather some small arms, and to agree on a time and place?

> there are thousands of them streaming into Europe

Not controlling immigration will be looked back upon as a profound strategic blunder, even though (as I disagree with you) there is no conscious invasion motivation on the part of the immigrants.

Comment Re:The Most Shocking Thing About the France Attack (Score 1) 259

> The most shocking thing to me is that our (the US) security agencies seemed to be completely unaware that anything was being planned.

Why does this shock you? Do you expect security agencies to be aware of every single time a handful of nut-jobs decide to shoot up a public place?

Comment Re:Why not eat meat? (Score 1) 317

> The fact that your senses crave the smells, taste, and texture of meat means... your body wants meat.

Or that you have been acculturated and acclimated to meat.

Until my mid-20s, I ate meat, lots of it, all the time.

After quite some time as vegetarian, I not only do not want real meat, the taste of real meat (or traces of it in my food) is quite unpleasant.

That said, I eat the fake meat replacements all the time. They are functionally the same, and vaguely similar in taste, without the greasy gaminess of real meat.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 2) 688

> poor culture

First, "poor" is a value judgment and more a matter of opinion than fact.

Second, "culture" is a bit of a stretch. It seems more like a clash of personalities, one of which happens to head the Linux kernel project.

Finally, this smells much more like people thinking "gosh, everyone else on the Internet is pouty and offended, and I've had an unpleasant experience, therefore I too must have something worth bitching about publicly, because why should I be denied some of this sweet, sweet, whiner's attention?" and contributing to the ever-deepening cesspool of useless, pointless drama on the Internet.

Sarah had already moved on in her interests, and Matthew wanted to do something different, and so he went and did that. Honestly, I don't think they were "driven away".

Comment Re:Ah, no lessons learned from Windows 8 (Score 3, Informative) 170

> Screenshot on that page showing a screen you'd only love to use on a tablet.

Is that the extent of your research?

The video shows a number of useful incremental improvements to GNOME 3, and a few new features that make GNOME more tablet-friendly. I checked out the beta in a VM yesterday, no feeling that tabletization was a threat.

I do understand you were spring-boarding off the new GNOME release to say something about Windows 8.1, but still...

Comment How long do you hang onto your laptops? (Score 1) 237

If you tend to buy a new one every 2-3 years, System76 is a good option.

If you hang onto them for a long time, you might appreciate the better structural strength and build quality of the Thinkpads.

I had a couple of System76's and they were great but around the 3-3.5 years the components and case parts (eg palm rest, display hinges) began to fail. I do have big gorilla hands and slap my keyboard like a pimp slapping a ho, though, so it could just be me.

In any event, I went with a T440s last time around. Overall, very happy with this machine. I will probably get another Thinkpad in 3 years or so when upgrade time rolls around.

If you opt for a Thinkpad: If they still offer a choice between LG and AOU displays, go for the AOU. I've had both in mine.

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