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Comment: Re:DRAWINGS ARE NOT 'BEHAVIOR'. PERIOD. (Score 1) 630

by fitteschleiker (#42369243) Attached to: Drawings of Weapons Led To New Jersey Student's Arrest

Way up?


Well yes as you parrots keep parroting, only outlaws have guns here, well not here, in melbourne but whatever.

But it wouldn't really matter if I was in melbourne, carrying a concealed weapon.
One, they just keep taking out rival criminals... yawn who cares.
Two they are actively harrassed by the cops constantly, think Al Capone, they'll get 'em sooner or later.
Three my pop-pop- pistol ain't worth pulling out against a streetsweeper shottie.

Even in the insane US, no one is carrying firepower to deal with a heavily armed gang except gun shows and SWAT

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