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by fishybell (#46758765) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?
That $400 a year pays for your helicopter ride from the embassy as it's being stormed by the Viet-con-adians. In all seriousness, being a US citizen has its perks, the biggest being access to any US consolate or embassy, but they'll also try to find you body and ship it home if your plane goes missing or your night-club is bombed, and they'll (sometimes) rescue you if you are imprisoned or kidnapped. You can officially renounce your citizenship, but good luck getting back into the US for any reason if you do that.

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24.37% for me. No deductions (or at least none that add up to more than the standard), no credits, filing status=single, cashed out investments. I usually pay less than an hundred in federal, and get back about the same from state, but this year I owed about $1000 overall. I'm not mad at my rate, but boy do I miss having a house. That one deduction alone took me above the standard deduction, which along with other small deductions meant I could change my W4 to take out substantially less each paycheck and still get a return. Why the federal goverment effectively subsidises home ownership but not rent is beyond me.

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They have to grow silicon crystals too, and it is very complex and expensive to get a pure single crystal, but the source material is readily available and the process has been refined for decades. I imagine that the Gallium Arsenide process you're pointing to is used mostly because it's so similar to what they've been doing with silcon.

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You can't design a system to use an infinite amount of steam, and the Fukushima distaster, you couldn't contain the steam because of damage to the facilities (which, of course, got much worse after the meltdown). The design of the reactor was old, and has been superceded by more fail-safe designs, but that is not the root cause of the disaster. The root cause is the failings fo Tepco install and manage the reactors in a safe manner (high enough from the sea, not have its backup generators in the basement, lack of continual safety enhancements with new technology, etc.) was the root cause. While initiated by a tsunami, the plant was specifically installed with the knowledge that it would get hit by large earthquakes and tsunamis. The Onagawa nuclear plant, located closer to the epicenter of the earthquake, remained wholly operational. The difference? the company in charge of management's safety culture was different, and has been different for decades.

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Or, more realistically, you're an idiot.

What they're trying to say, albeit poorly, is that from the waiter available for irrigation, drinking water, pools, lawn care, etc., a large amount is being used for irrigation. Because there is a shortage for everything else, they're saying about is being used for irrigating various crops, which in turn adds up to how much is being used for meat production.

Just because they say how much is being "used" doesn't mean they are implying it is gone forever. There is a finite supply (at current climatalogical conditions) of fresh water to use at one time. If you drain a lake to irrigate crops, the lake is still dry even if the water is still in the local environment.

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If it is the Satoshi Nakamoto, there is a pattern: a complete lack of the understanding of how personal privacy works on the internet.

  1. He uses his own name, or at least a variation on it, when he created bitcoin.
  2. He outs himself assuming he'd still maintain privacy because he's no longer "involved."

The fact that he's fairly old adds to the evidence. If he were in his mid 20s he'd never have used his real name or outted himself because he'd understand how privacy works (or rather, doesn't work) with respect to the internet.

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