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Comment: Re:what? (Score 1) 115

by geekoid (#47554323) Attached to: OKCupid Experiments on Users Too

"congrats you effectively "experimented" on your users."

That's not experimenting. generic research on overall performance is not the same as selecting a sample of users, and conducting tests on them specifically to change their response.

You're definition is so loose it's useless.
Now, I need to experiment ans see if I can get home from work.

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by geekoid (#47554157) Attached to: New Findings On Graphene As a Conductor With IC Components

Learn to use google.

Samsung has develop many phone models, but there aren't off the production line yet.

IT was made for the first time just 10 year ago. Now things are starting to come out, they have been demoed in real products outside the lab.

Comment: Re:Chalk up another one (Score 1) 410

YOu mean besides these:
Alcatel Sparq II
HTC Merge
Kyocera Milano / Jitterbug Touch
Kyocera Rise
Kyocera Verve / Contact
LG Cosmos 2 / Cosmos 3
LG Enact
LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip
LG Extravert 2 / Freedom II
LG LX-290 / 290c
LG Mach
LG Optimus F3Q
LG Rumor Reflex S / Rumor Reflex / Freedom / Converse
LG Xpression / Xpression 2
Pantech Renue
Pantech Vybe
Samsung Array / Montage
Samsung SGH-T301g
Samsung Stratosphere / Galaxy Metrix 4G

Comment: Wrong (Score 1) 410

two things:
A) You can get a phone with a keyboard still
B) You can get a keyboard add on.

I suspect the real demand isn't as high as this person thinks.
Like Gyms and pools.
Almost everyone who walks into a gym asks about a swimming pool. A majority of those people won'e even consider a membership at a gym without a swimming pool, yet the swimming pool is the least used asset in a gym for most gyms.

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