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Comment: Self monitoring for DSC and Honeywell systems (Score 1) 85 85

There's just too many DIY options out there for self monitoring to make it worth paying somebody else to do what the owner can themselves. But then again there certainly are different needs for different people. For example EyezOn has a module called Envisalink 3 which works with DSC and Honeywell security systems: it makes them accessible via the web and alerts can be sent via text/email to a number of contacts for a number of events. I've had the module for about a year now, picked it up for around $130, it was easy to install and I am very happy with it. Just throwing it out there.

+ - Bitcoin Plunges after Mt. Gox Exchange halts trades-> 3 3

krakman writes: From Bloomberg...

Bitcoin plunged more than 8 percent today after a Tokyo-based exchange halted withdrawals of the digital currency, citing technical malfunction.

Mt. Gox, claimed in a blog post it needed to “temporarily pause on all withdrawal requests to obtain a clear technical view of the currency processes.” It promised an “update” — not a reopening — on Monday, Feb. 10, Japan time.

This is day after Russia's Prosecutor General concluded Bitcoin and other digital currencies are illegal under current law.

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Comment: Re:It's just a theory anyway (Score 1) 1010 1010

Nobody made an appeal to authority; that is a logical fallacy. This isn't about committees either, it's about the data and the hard evidence and where that evidence points to. Thus far evolution is the best model we have that has been derived from the available evidence.

Comment: Re:Not covered by insurance or the auto shop? (Score 1) 288 288

I understand your point of view, but why do you feel this is owed by the insurance company? The insurance company owes the policyholder indemnity, and that is, the cost to repair the vehicle. The policyholder has the ultimate say who does the repair. The insurance company paid for an OE airbag replacement. The shop (most likely) unknowingly put the counterfeit in. It is between the owner of the vehicle and the body shop at that point.

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