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Comment: It's all part of the revisionist history plan (Score 1) 384

by KlomDark (#49726603) Attached to: Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students

The end game here is to phase out cursive entirely, then a couple generations down the road, nobody can read it, and thus the US Constitution (written in cursive) will be meaningless gibberish to the common man, and then "they" can tell them what it actually "says" with their own injected bias.

Next up, a cashless society...

Comment: Re: PowerShell is yucky yucky yucky! (Score 1) 265

by KlomDark (#49641315) Attached to: Microsoft Releases PowerShell DSC For Linux

Oh yah, bitch cause the Windows of old was insecure. Then bitch when they add security to the system. What you are disabling is a security setting that completely disables some things unless you specifically enable them. Not broken, it's called enabling a feature that isn't used on a standard user's machine.

Comment: Git is Shit (Score 0) 203

by KlomDark (#49417983) Attached to: 10 Years of Git: An Interview With Linus Torvalds

I tried to give it time. I've used it daily for over a year. Have lost the days work several times with that crap-documented piece of shit.

A whole year with Linux, and I had it near mastered. A year with git, and it still sucks. Everything's a manual pain in the ass.

Linus: I ever meet you, I'm going to kiss you for the gift of Linux, then I'm gonna punch you in the mouth for all the time I've wasted on your shitty git thing.

Comment: Windows Phone (Score 3, Insightful) 148

by KlomDark (#49291353) Attached to: Apple May Start Accepting Android Phones As Trade-Ins

Strangely, in my little world, I'm seeing a surprising uptake in WIndows Phones lately. Never thought I'd see it coming. It seems people who have been happy with Android are wanting a little more, and are horribly confused by the iPhone's single button interface, and see that Windows Phone 8.1 is easier to figure out than the latest/greatest version of Android.

Just my little ecosystem, correlation does not equal causation, but I'm finding it fascinating. Microsoft might still have some life in it. (Helps that Cricket is now giving away a couple different free Windows phones)

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