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Linux Business

Submission OLPC gears up for another promotion->

ffm writes: "OLPC has decided to run another G1G1, but this time, they hope to get it right. There have been prior stories about it, but this is directly from the Chairman, Negroponte. The initial price will stay the same, at $399, and moreover, N.N. says that the first 100,000 or so to order will get their laptops "right away", as opposed to last time's 3-8 month wait."
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Operating Systems

Submission OLPC releases Windows-compatable firmware->

firefoxman writes: "OLPC has released the new version of their firmware, OFW2. The much under-promoted "feature" is the ability to boot Windows XP on the laptop. Of course, it won't just magically work, you need "specially-prepared SD" cards with a version of XP that is not publicly available, but it's a step towards seeing dual-boot XP and Fedora XOs in the wild, and not just the labs at Redmond."
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Operating Systems

Submission OLPC partners with Microsoft->

FFM writes: "OLPC has done it. There were rumors for ages, but the press release is out: OLPC has partnered with Microsoft to sell Windows on the XO.

All is not lost, as Linux will still be offered as an option, but what schools will choose that when they can get what they're used to for no extra cost?

After being offered OSX (which is much more free) by Steve Jobs and being turned down, they've decided to accept a convicted monopolist?"

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