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Submission + - BitCoin gets futures market->

fireballrus writes: There is one more way to use your BitCoins rather than buying weed or socks. Not that long ago a Bitcoin Exchange called ICBIT almost quietly introduced futures market, obviously using Bitcoins as a main currency. Gold futures trades roughly at 137 BTC/tr.oz and Sweet Crude Oil at 7.3 BTC/bbl.
In fact, this may play a positive role in the Bitcoin economy which needs more ways to actually "use" coins instead of mining them.

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Operating Systems

Submission + - ReactOS 0.3.1 Release

fireballrus writes: This is release 0.3.1 of ReactOS, an open source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with applications and drivers written for the Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems (NT4, 2000, XP, 2003).

Mainly, the work focused on rewriting certain parts of the ReactOS Core (kernel, HAL, bootloader, etc). Read through the changelog, and you will see the amount of changes in this release!

Please don't forget this is an alpha-stage operating system, which means it is not suitable to replace your main OS. Also, this release is aimed to be run mostly in virtualizers / emulators (like QEmu, VMWare, Parallels, etc): because of the big amount of changes, our development team was not able to test/fix all problems which arise when running ReactOS on real hardware.


Changelog: 3.1

Download packages are here: _id=6553&package_id=6629&release_id=492696

ReactOS website:
Operating Systems

Submission + - ReactOS runs on Intel Macs, plans to go to Beta

fireballrus writes: "ReactOS, the open source implementation of a Windows XP/2003 compatible operating system, thanks to effort of Michael Steil now boots on Intel Mac computers (such as MacMini) with Bootcamp installed. As a nice side effect, it works in Parallels' virtual machine after those changes.

Also, ReactOS team revealed a bit of information about future development. The switch to beta stage, which means a usable system, is scheduled to 0.5.0 release."

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