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Comment: Re:what I did (Score 1) 510

by fireball84513 (#36593092) Attached to: Learning Programming In a Post-BASIC World
"Lean over and help them find that!" Your assuming that every kid will have their own personal coach which can look over every bit of their code and give them tips which wasn't the case for me. Even though part of my programming experience came from formal classes, the professor could only devote so much time to each individual. When learning C++ I spent 95% of my time debugging rather than learning core programming concepts. The experience was like chewing on sandpaper because it was so tedious. When I switched to python I found that I was spending a significantly smaller amount of time debugging and more time learning about core programming concepts.

Comment: Re:what I did (Score 1) 510

by fireball84513 (#36557616) Attached to: Learning Programming In a Post-BASIC World
In my opinion, making whitespace matter is actually a good thing for a beginner programming language. It was much easier for me to learn to make programs based on whitespace which is more visually pleasant and understandable than with C++ where you could accidentally tab a line over making the code work visually, but still wrong in terms of syntax. Beginner programmers automatically turn to that visual cue and the people who maintain python realize that.

Comment: Re:Fire them (Score 1) 572

by fireball84513 (#32441192) Attached to: Doctor Slams Hospital's "Please" Policy
Actually, the report said that the policy was, in fact, meant to take the workload off of the technicians by making the doctors really consider whether a blood test was essential. In those respects, I think that the administrators had a really good idea, albeit a tedious and frustrating one. I know that I would be thinking twice about every blood test I ordered if I had to write "please" on every goddamn one. If there is anything I hate, it's being forced to show my appreciation, whether or not it's deserved.

Comment: Re:Deckchairs? (Score 1) 619

by fireball84513 (#30172950) Attached to: Response To California's Large-Screen TV Regulation
um... i don't want to jump to conclusions, but saying that overpopulation is a disease is like saying i am a disease. yes, part of the problem is overpopulation, but "treating the symptoms of the disease" can only mean somehow lessening the population. maybe if you stated what your solution really was, people wouldn't jump to conclusions thinking that you want to kill off the surplus population.

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