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Comment Re:Size (Score 1) 324

This mentality totally baffles me. Walk into a normal restaurant, and I would be unlikely not to see at least one person on their phone. Do you not realize how easy it is to "covertly" record a video on a phone? Do you get this irrationally angry every time someone is on their phone? That is so ubiquitous that it would actually be much easier to video you or take photos with my phone because it wouldn't get your attention.

Comment Re:To be fair though (Score 1) 338

This is the sentiment I don't understand. I also seem to rarely see it come up in console vs. pc discussions. I'm primarily a console gamer. Not because I think it is better, but because of the environment. Why would I want to sit in a desk chair staring at a computer (like I do all day) to game, when I can be much more comfortable on my couch with a larger TV and surround sound? And apparently this makes me immature? I could never get into PC gaming as much because I was much more comfortable in the console gaming environment. I don't see how maturity is even a factor here.

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 819

Except those are false comparisons. This is more similar to if car makers started making cars tinier and more cramped, then called the original sized cars "spacious" and started charging a premium. They aren't providing more for the extra cost, they are reducing the standard while maintaing the price and then raising the price for those seats they can't reduce (i.e. emergency exit rows)

Comment Re:Wander into a bar holding up a video camera (Score 1) 921

To your latter point, I will definitely concede. I've seen confrontations begin on things as minor as which sports team is on one's shirt. Why do you disagree otherwise though? In both cases, recording someone without their knowledge is trivially easy. I might actually argue that it is more difficult with Glass. Someone would be more likely to notice someone who is facing their head towards them constantly than someone who seems to be talking on the phone and facing a completely different direction.

Comment Re:Wander into a bar holding up a video camera (Score 2) 921

I would actually like to see someone test this, but with an appropriate example like a GoPro. I wonder if people would have the same reaction if someone entered a bar wearing a GoPro or similar camera on their head, especially if there was tape where the recording light is. I have a feeling the response wouldn't be as strong, because people are more familiar with the technology.

Any time someone has their phone out, whether it appears they are talking on it or just txt'ing, they could be recording. It would be trivial for me to fake a common phone task, but actually be recording video of anything in the bar. Yet, no one confronts me just because I have my phone out. There really is no rational reason for people to treat those with Glass any differently than anyone who doesn't have their phone in their pocket.

Comment SmartStick (Score 1) 128

Anyone else played with the Favi SmartStick? I got one last year and it seems to do about all that this does (albeit for about $15 more dollars) and more. It hast the play store so I can download many apps and it has internal storage for playing local files. Is there something I am missing about this that makes it even as good, much less better, than the SmartStick?

Comment Re:Black mirror (Score 1) 229

Sounds very similar to the 2004 Robin Williams movie The Final Cut. People had implants that recorded their entire lives, then there were people whose job it was to edit together their best moments for their funerals. Also brought in some interesting ethical ideas when editors stumble across the not-so-great moments of some people. Not a comical role for Williams, but definitely an interesting concept.

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1) 1073

I read that as a promotion for the idea that there should be no such thing as "marriage" in the eyes of the government. The government should have civil unions, and thus, such unions would be associated with the rights you have described. Marriage should remain a religious institution, and dealt with by the churches, but it should also have any associated rights/privileges/etc. associated with it removed unless accompanied by a governmental civil union.

Comment Re:Not quite (Score 1) 354

I think an ad-supported site is a little different scenario. You pay for internet which then allows you to access sites not affiliated with the internet provider. Kinda like purchasing a car. It takes you places, but buy a car isn't going to generate any revenue for the places you go. They are independent. With TV, I see it more like paying for food delivery. I am paying for someone to deliver what I want to my house. If they delivery person gets there then requires me to read a brochure before I get my food, that would be ridiculous. Yet that is exactly how cable companies work. They double dip by charging me for cable AND forcing me to have advertising, where most modern models use one or the other. I have no sympathy for the companies saying I am doing something illegal by skipping commercials. I paid for the television service. I shouldn't have to "pay" again by watching your stupid, repetitive ads.

Comment Re:What is the point of gaming consoles? (Score 1) 249

I think the original was more appropriate if you want to replicate the gaming environment. I have a computer, but I don't want to have to sit on my couch and interact with my TV every time I want to browse the internet/edit movies/etc. Additionally, I would prefer a large screen and sitting on the couch when gaming over sitting in an office chair looking at my monitor. So for me to switch to computer gaming, I would have to either switch my computing or gaming to a less favorable environment or purchase a new computer entirely devoted to gaming.

Comment Re:Just turn off the car? (Score 1) 911

IMO, if your car accelerating immediately puts you in "I am about to be killed" mode, then you haven't been properly trained as a driver. My dad was adamant about lots of driver training before I got to spend much time on the road on my own. I believe that this is why I can react to something like this without freaking out. I have actually had this exact thing occur before. After I accelerated once, the gas pedal got stuck because my mat had shifted. I applied the brakes (reducing the acceleration) then used my foot to pull the gas pedal loose. Unless you have some ridiculously thick/heavy mats, a pedal that gets stuck on them shouldn't be too difficult to dislodge.

Comment Re:Download Your Profile (Score 1) 368

Did you really read the statement "understand technology" and "understand every aspect of any device you interact with"? That's ludicrous. It is obvious that the parent was saying that anyone who grew up in the "internet age" should understand that just because you upload something to a site doesn't mean that it will be freely accessible to you forever. If you think that "because I uploaded it to Facebook it is preserved forever and I can come back to it whenever I want!" then you have obviously not been paying any attention during your 15 years on earth.

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