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fiannaFailMan's Journal: End racism on Slashdot 15

Journal by fiannaFailMan

I would urge people to join me in calling for an end to openly racist comments on /. directed against developing nations, principally India, or at least for them to be modded 'Troll.'

Every time a story is posted on /. concerning a technical development in India, there are usually a small number of comments about the technical merits of the article, but a huge wave of blatent racist comments that poke fun at Indian cinema, food, the accent, and just about everything short of the colour of their skin. It's as if the concept of a non-white person achieving anything complex is a source of amusement. What alarms me even more is the fact that these comments receive 'Funny' mods and are not treated as the trolls they are.

I recently got into a flame war with one of these racists who openly justified his racism because of outsourcing. His view was that Indians deserve to be the butt of racist jokes because they are taking jobs from good white Americans. The debate about outsourcing is not one I'm going to get into here, but whether you agree or with outsourcing or not, there can be no justification for racism.

Anyone with mod points, use them wisely. Use them to fight racism, not promote it. It is totally unacceptable and we must point it out as such whenever it shows up. /.ers must be made aware of what they are doing so that they can change their behaviour.

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End racism on Slashdot

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  • I see exactly what you're talking about a lot. A quick disclaimer: I'm a Jew, born in New York City, so you can consider me a generic white American guy.

    As an engineer who's worked in Silicon Valley, I get asked the question "what is it like working with a lot of Indians?" I have come up with a dumb, quick answer. "Once you learn to understand the accent, it's a lot like working with other engineers". But, sometimes I feel strange giving such a flip answer. Indians come with their own culture and back

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