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Comment Re:old (Score 1) 158 158

Their just old.

[... whine... whaaa ... ]

There is no solution, there is no fix or magic arrow, and all the bitching of the world won't make them die any faster.

Maybe, instead of focusing all your adolescent angst on your elders, take the time to attend public meetings and vote.
Yeah, we know; you're too busy to do that. Please, stay focused on your little screen while we change the world.

Comment Re:Github is scary for critical code (Score 3, Insightful) 116 116

This is a good example of people having a fundamental lack of knowledge about Git and GitHub.

You heard; "We don't need a backup because GitHub is so awesome". That does sound scary.

However, the whole point of Git is everyone who cares about the project has the complete repository, usually with multiple backups, and works "off-line" as normal practice.

Github is just an awesome and easy place to share a copy of the repository. It's trivial to set up another shared repository or just share directly with those involved in the development.

Comment Re:I love the alert they changed the page to (Score 1) 116 116

This was the whole point. Someone wanted to cause a disruption to users in China surfing via a VPN.

I assumed they selected Github as the target because they wanted an effective response delivered to the originators of the original http request.

They are constantly mapping accessible VPNs and developing countermeasures against them. I understand it's a constant game of whack-a-mole over there with access to VPNs outside the great firewall.

Comment Re: Read the PDF. (Score 3, Informative) 166 166

Forget the article. If you care about time and computers read the PDF from NIST.

It covers a wide berth of timing related topics and is information dense. I found no marketing BS in this paper at all.

./, Thank you for the link. You are still alive.

Comment Start with H1-B visas. (Score 4, Interesting) 288 288

Why wait for youngsters to graduate in a decade? Women should make up 95% of the H1-B visas issued for 10 years to make up for the historical 5:1 imbalance in the program.

A significant part of the brogrammer "culture" has been imported. The H1-B program has amplified the problem.

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