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Submission First turn-based Battletech videogame in twenty years

soap_and_dish writes: Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind the recent Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong, has launched a Kickstarter for a turn-based Battletech game, to be released cross-platform (Win / Mac / Linux) and DRM-free. This is the first such turn-based game based on Battletech in more than twenty years, and the project is already funded after just a couple of hours into the campaign.

Comment Re:PHB would be proud (Score 2) 371

I've had the same experiences (though not church camp). Warmth and openness to conversation can very much bring me out of the introvert shell.

Also, it might be worth noting that certain keywords, like "commodify a person", "rape culture", or "patriarchy", generally indicate a strong resistance to logic and reasoning. Arguing with such a person is rarely a fruitful endeavour.

Comment Re:This is so wrong (Score 1) 371

I am furious! I am outraged! I am livid!

How DARE people do things that I do not approve of!?
Don't they know that a single woman represents all women everywhere!? Spending money on making MEN feel comfortable in tech is NOT the same thing as spending millions on making WOMEN feel comfortable in tech! Only women deserve to feel comfortable!

Also, white knight harder. I don't know about the other people here, but I wonder: how little must you think of women that you feel they all need to be protected from something as timid as another woman receiving appreciation as a hostess?

Submission What is Open Source Pharma (and why should you care)?->

Andy Updegrove writes: Humanity today is almost completely dependent on huge pharmaceutical companies to create the drugs we need. But these companies focus exclusively on drugs that can be sold at high prices to large populations — in other words, to patients in developed nations. This means that those who live in the emerging world that suffer from the remaining "neglected diseases," like Malaria and drug resistant TB, have no one to depend on for relief except huge charities, like the Gates Foundation. They also have no way to afford many of the patented drugs that do exist. But there is another way, modeled on open source software development, which relies on crowd sourced knowledge, highly distributed, volunteer efforts, and advanced open source tools. That methodology is called Open Source Pharma, and it has the potential to dramatically drive down drug development while saving millions of lives every year.
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Comment Rundown (Score 5, Interesting) 52

While the title is misleading click-bait, there is potential to this discovery. Here's a rundown:

We already knew that miRNA (which is a regulator/anti-virus peptide working on DNA) was silencing tumour-suppressing genes, this is very old stuff.
We already knew that re-introducing tumour suppressing proteins into cells that lack them would remove the carcinogenic behaviour.
We did not know that adhesive proteins (a part of the external cell stuff that is commonly called Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM)) regulated miRNA in proximal cells. This is very interesting stuff, and leads to several intriguing possibilities. What if you flood a cancer site with adhesive proteins attached to a membrane connecting peptide? Will that upregulate tumour-suppressing proteins? What happens when you do this to healthy cells? If the response in heathy cells is low, this could be a universal "low-risk, unknown reward" medication for multiple cancer types, something cancer treatment has long lacked (all non-crazy-person treatments are dangerous to healthy tissue now).

So, while not the panacea the title suggests, it's certainly an intriguing discovery.

Comment Re:Reach out and touch base and have a chat (Score 1) 303

Reuters is engaged in a witch hunt that much is clear. The only thing Clinton is guilty of is bad email practice. There has been no smoking gun; nothing that come close to treason or giving away state secrets. Jesus Christ, check every member of Congress and see how they handle email, are they all in compliance.

Okay, let's translate this:

"Hillary isn't guilty of anything. Her crime is far from being on the same level as treason. You can't convict Hillary for her crime until you convict the congress members who are committing the same crime."

Forgive me if I chuckle a little.

Comment Re:Anyone know the tweet that caused this? (Score 4, Funny) 114

I read the statement linked in the summary and immediately wondered, what was the deleted tweet that brought the pressure on Twitter to do this?

I'm pretty sure there has to be one. Either that or someone with a lot of influence was worried that they might tweet carelessly.

Maybe Hillary accidentally tweeted some classified emails?

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