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Submission + - A post-antibiotic future is looming

radaos writes: A gene enabling resistance to polymyxins, the antibiotics of last resort, has been found to be widespread in pigs and already present in some hospital patients. The research, from South China Agricultural University has been published in The Lancet.
"Our results reveal the emergence of the first polymyxin resistance gene that is readily passed between common bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Klesbsiella pneumoniae, suggesting that the progression from extensive drug resistance to pandrug resistance is inevitable", according to researcher Jian-Hua Liu.

Submission + - Google Declares "Smart White Males With Glasses" Public Enemy No. 1

theodp writes: Let's play Jeopardy! A. Al Capone. John Dillinger. Pretty Boy Floyd. Baby Face Nelson. Smart white males with glasses. Q. Who is Public Enemy No. 1? In partnership with Gallup, Google has released a second report on its take of the state of U.S. K-12 CS education. Entitled Images of Computer Science: Perceptions Among Students, Parents and Educators in the U.S., a key finding of the report is that bespectacled White and Asian male Computer Scientists are apparently the new menace to society. "Students and parents perceive that there are few portrayals of women, Hispanic or Black computer scientists on TV or in movies," the report explains in it Key Findings. "These groups are much more likely to see White or Asian men engaged in computer science. They also often see computer scientists portrayed wearing glasses." In an accompanying post at the Google for Education blog, Google Head of R&D for K-12 Education Sepi Hejazi Moghadam gets more specific, declaring smart White males with glasses Public Enemy No. 1: "The results show that there’s high value and interest in CS among all demographics, and even more so for lower-income parents. But unfortunately perceptions of who CS is for and who is portrayed in CS are narrow-White, male, smart with glasses. Even though they value it, students often don't see themselves in it." By the way, for a company that's chock-full-o-Data-Scientists, the Google report's spin on AP CS testing results includes a nugget ("among the 49 states with at least one student taking the computer science exam, 12 had no Black students participating in 2014") that is likely to alarm but mislead readers who are not informed that overall AP CS participation is dismal regardless of race/ethnicity for these states.

Submission + - Windows 3.1 Is Still Alive, And It Just Killed a French Airport

merbs writes: A computer glitch that brought the Paris airport of Orly to a standstill Saturday has been traced back to the airport's "prehistoric" operating system. The computer failure had affected a system known as DECOR, which is used by air traffic controllers to communicate weather information to pilots. Pilots rely on the system when weather conditions are poor. DECOR, which is used in takeoff and landings, runs on Windows 3.1, an operating system that came onto the market in 1992.

Submission + - Even the CEO's job is susceptible to automation, McKinsey report says (

colinneagle writes: Global management consultants McKinsey and Company said in a recent report that many of the tasks that a CEO performs could be taken over by machines.

Those redundant tasks include "analyzing reports and data to inform operational decisions; preparing staff assignments; and reviewing status reports," the report says.

This potential for automation in the executive suite is in contrast to "lower-wage occupations such as home health aides, landscapers, and maintenance workers," the report says. Those jobs aren't as suitable for automation, according to the report. The technology has not advanced enough.

Submission + - Large scale survey shows correlation between 'autism' and STEM jobs (

Bruce66423 writes: A 450,000 response survey in the UK has shown there is a significant correlation between a higher score on the Autism Quotient and being a scientist or engineer. AQ scores are also higher for males than female. This appears to provide a rationale for the underrepresentation of women in STEM field other than institutional structures.

Submission + - National coalition in favor of campus censorship (

schwit1 writes: A large coalition of advocacy groups has asked the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights to pressure colleges to (1) punish students for their speech and (2) block student access to certain Web sites — especially sites such as Yik Yak, which allow students to anonymously post their views.

Yet another example of today’s Anti-Free Speech Movement for American universities — unfortunately, one that fits well into the Education Department’s attitudes. Fortunately, courts have firmly rejected these kinds of calls to restrict college student speech, though the OCR and the college administrations it pressures can get away with a lot of restrictions until the lawsuits are actually brought.

Submission + - First turn-based Battletech videogame in twenty years

soap_and_dish writes: Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind the recent Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong, has launched a Kickstarter for a turn-based Battletech game, to be released cross-platform (Win / Mac / Linux) and DRM-free. This is the first such turn-based game based on Battletech in more than twenty years, and the project is already funded after just a couple of hours into the campaign.

Comment Re:PHB would be proud (Score 2) 371

I've had the same experiences (though not church camp). Warmth and openness to conversation can very much bring me out of the introvert shell.

Also, it might be worth noting that certain keywords, like "commodify a person", "rape culture", or "patriarchy", generally indicate a strong resistance to logic and reasoning. Arguing with such a person is rarely a fruitful endeavour.

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