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Comment: Useless with virtualization? (Score 4, Insightful) 169

by ferrocene (#34272144) Attached to: New Device Puts SSD In a DIMM Slot

This device seems backwards with today's trends. With virtualizaion gaining ground fast, the ideal setup is to have as much RAM as possible with a SAN back end for storage - iSCSI, FC, whatever. Most local disks on servers today are RAID1 mirrors for the small hypervisor.

So, yes, this device wastes a valuable DIMM slot to give you a less-valuable SATA drive?

I can't think of any scenario where this would be useful unless you're talking about handheld devices - a MacBook Air or tablet of some sort.

Comment: Re:Apparently Obama knows not Grigsby & Cohen (Score 2, Funny) 763

by ferrocene (#34157732) Attached to: Obama Says Offshoring Fears Are Unwarranted

Of course, their people are mostly 40 - 50+ Americans, who are no doubt more expensive than 20-something Indians. But they also know what they're doing.

Knowing what you're doing is SO 20th century. Next you'll be telling us the 50-year-olds don't spend 70% of their day on AIM and Facebook...

You know how I know you're old?

Comment: Re:What will it take to end this fragmentation? (Score 1) 193

by ferrocene (#33433694) Attached to: Android Fork Brings Froyo To 12 Smartphones

At least you'll have 2.2 eventually. For those of us with a Hero or Eris, this is the only way we get FroYo. A semi-working build was available within hours of the FroYo source code release, and now stable versions abound. But the Eris is already end-of-life. One day your incredible will be, too.