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Comment Re:Mac os X remove the apple only locks (Score 1) 491

What I would rather see is an Apple-branded version of Linux that would function as an "OS X Lite" for generic PCs. It would have a good part of the useful functionality of OS X without cannibalizing Apple sales. For uses, it would be a low-cost way of getting some useful OS X functionality and connectivity with Apple products for networking and lightweight synchronization.

Is Darwin still an option?

Tried to find it via and it seems to have been yanked into the larger Apple sphere of influence.

Comment Re:MirageOS, Chrome OS (Score 1) 206

MirageOS ( is the most interesting OS project I've seen in a long time, but it's hard to describe. Approximately, it's a framework and collection of libraries that compile applications written in OCaml into unikernels that run on top of Xen.

So far as Linux goes, Chrome OS seems like the best engineered Linux userland at this point.

I don't normally respond to ACs, but thank you for the clue on The unikernel idea is intriguing and - as per the OP's question - an innovative new OS model.

Another interesting unikernel system is Ling - essentially Erlang running directly on a hypervisor.

I can't help but think these will give containers and such a run for their money over the next few years.

Submission + - Australian ISPs not ready for mandatory data retention writes: October 13 marks the day Australian ISPs are required by law to track all web site visits and emails of their users, but according to an article on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news site the majority of ISPs are not ready to begin mandatory data retention.

The article's author, Will Ockenden, had previously released his own metadata to readers in an experiment to see how effectively this kind of data reveals personal habits of online users.

The majority of Australians appear unconcerned with this level of scrutiny of their lives, given the minimal reaction to this and proposed tougher legislation designed to deal with the threats of crime and terrorism.

Comment All about the data (Score 1) 112

This doesn't suprise me. MOOCs as currently implemented scare the beejus out of elearning content creators (I used to work at one) with their "race to the bottom" approach to commodifying elearning.

What it always seemed to be about was the data - how do students behave, how can we tune the system to monetise elearning more effectively.

Comment Re:For those of us that never bothered with a rema (Score 1) 131

Don't worry about it, it's completely irrelevant in the context and the way it's being used anyway.

(i.e. Knowing who this Milton was wouldn't help anyway).

Not sure if that's true. The implication (at least as far as I read it) is that enterprise architects are mumblers with no purpose still on the payroll. A stretch maybe.

Comment Re:For those of us that never bothered with a rema (Score 1) 131

For those of us who have not seen the US remake of The Office what defines a "Milton"?

The reference is to Office Space, not The Office.

Seriously, you missed one of the most important films of the 90s? The film that revealed the truth about TPS reports!

But seriously seriously, check out Office Space. If you enjoyed the original The Office - and are of an IT bent - it will probably tickle you.

Comment Numbers (Score 1) 224

Comparing a specific percentage (38%) with the slightly informal "a third" smacks of indirection. And then mixing in a statistic (difference in percentage of US electricity generated by wind over a decade) that has more to do with the installation of actual turbines just confuses the issue.

Lots of number. Little facts. It reads like there has been a small change in wind turbine output, not the dramatic decline the article suggests. El Niño effects aside, is this just something to actually worry about? Or just noise?

Or maybe I'm just grumpy for lack of coffee. Caffeine levels 0% (that's about nothing in layman's terms).

Comment Time to shine (Score 2) 44

I had completely forgotten about Contiki. It's actually quite a neat OS, but I moved away from embedded systems years ago and all that sort of stuff slipped away. There's a box of things gathering dust that could run this.

Good stuff. Better than an oversized OS draining your power and sucking performance out of constrained hardware. Maybe it's finally Contiki's time to shine.

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