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Comment Re:The argument is "leaky" at best too (Score 1) 191 191

Unfortunately even science people are afraid of using the word evolution because some religious whacko might want to shoot them. So other words are used like 'learned'.

In fact the human vaccines to treat the most virulent viruses, the one's that don't kill quickly but rather maim, have worked well. Small pox is eradicated, and Polio has not been seen in Nigeria for a year. Some people get sick from Vaccines, but they likely would have the most susceptible and the carriers anyway.

What is being seen is that vaccines used in livestock for purposes other than immunization is having significant negative side effects.

To be fair we are seeing some drug resistant strains that making people sick, but those are most bacteria, and are due to the routine use of antibacterials, even when there is little evidence that there is a bacterial infection.

Comment Re:Not a factor in actually secure environments (Score 1) 227 227

Which is to say that if your people do not follow policy, it is because the policy is unclear. For instance, I have had friends who worked in secure places where you cell phone could not be on in the secure area. Cell phones were not an issue because if you got caught you were fired. The policy was clear. The pay was enough to attract professionals who wanted their job. So the second part is management that is willing to support and enforce policy. Workers making minimum wage would not care so much if they were fired, and turnover would be excessive. If policy means that work is not getting done, then management obviously is going to make a judgement call to create a compromise policy. As far as pretend secure doors...I have worked in places where the official work area had secure doors, but the backend where the actual work was done was just a normal door, normally propped open.

Comment Re:Worry about drips while an river floods (Score 1) 154 154

To put this in perspective, If we were to send a single bomber to Iran with a single bunker busting conventional bomb, it would cost more than this. As far as slowness, the pentagon can't even get an American made cross trainer on soldiers feet because the bureaucracy is so vast. So yes, the pentagon does need to be slimmed down and made more efficient. On the other hand, I suspect that the reason we are spending 45 million dollars a year extra for the communication is because it would cost an order of magnitude more to refit with the new technology and train. This is not a small firm that can refit everything for 100K, and many of the soldiers are kids right of high school, many of who have trouble reading and writing. I have seen kids do well on the ASVAB that have great difficulty passing a state graduation test.

Comment Re:legal risk (Score 1) 165 165

I think the point the poster was making is that all risk has been transferred to the contracting company. If the contractors were working under the state,then yes under the new rules announced this week they could very likely sue for a big check. However, all that can happen here is the contracting company get sues and the state claims it had no idea that laws were being broken.

Comment Re: Truther? (Score 1) 318 318

When celebrities bacame a large part of the problem. After all we can't call Trump a crackpot, so we call him a truther.

I like the name because many of the problems in this world come from people thinking they know the truth when all they know is what they were taught to believe.

Comment Re:Engineering standards? (Score 1) 97 97

Honestly this is simply competent software development, like aggressively validating user input so a website can't be compromised with maliciously formed URLs.

It is understandable that a software glitch might unlock the door. But opening a door should be a more controlled thing that is designed to be secure. For instance there should be a distinction between a request to open the door by someone putting the door handle and a request from software. The request from software should have fairly low priority, so, for example, if the car is moving the door will not open.

The nice thing about software is that it is relatively easy to design safety and security in, as long as it seen as necessary.

Comment Re:We need Flash, because it is easy to block (Score 2) 199 199

I have used flashblock to control the flash player. Note the only reason I installed it was to stop autoplay flash. I can't really focus on anything else when a video is playing. With the implementation of flash blocking on Firefox, which stated, what, a couple months ago, flash no longer works at all. Flash has been on the decline since the smart phone did not have the power to run it and everyone is blocking it. Which, as mentioned, is a moot point as HTML5 provides autorun ads that have no control. The sad thing is that Flash actually is a very good tool for doing some very useful things. Unfortunately, the only profitable thing it was ever good for was packaging ads.

Comment Re:Is my time free too? (Score 1) 654 654

This is really the issue. For a person who can own a car, especially outside the US, the fair for public transport is not significant. I am not surprised that people who drive continue to drive. In the US, where owning a car is cheaper, it is all about time. A 20 minute trip into work can easily take an hour on the train. While this time could be spent productively if most of it were spent on a train, some of it is spent waiting and walking. What is effective is setting parking rates high enough, coupled with reliable public transport. In this case people can drive part of the way, to cheaper lots, then take public transport the rest of the way. This really cuts down on congestion and pollution. This does work in the US. So it is not so much about free transport, but about incentives to leave the car at home, or at least in cheaper areas.

Comment Re:xkcd (Score 1) 203 203

I was thinking XKCD as well. I wonder why there have been no more What If? updates. Is he spending all his time working on the book? I think XKCD is a blog type thing. I would also add Bad Astronomer as a place where one can get information that is not incorrect relating to things of space and space like.

Comment Re: Apologizing for the Catalyst (Score 1) 452 452

If you read

Management has to be aware of that and set rules to start with. If there is an issue with AMA, it is that users live in a fantasy world where anything really means anything, and admins never explained that in the real world it does not. you would understand this is what was said. I the management was competent, if they understood their users, they could manage them better. No one is making excuses for anyone, managements or mods or end users. It was predictable that the users would throw a temper tantrum, and competent management would have mitigated the effects of that temper tantrum. As it was subr were shut down for a day, which caused an interruption. They were not shut down for longer because children need attention and cannot actually mount a real revolt, so the real damage was minimal. Management knows this, so will continue to do whatever it wants, it has just learned the lesson that I mentioned above. That it has to scaffold and spend a bit more time stoking egos, which is what the press release says it will do.

Comment Re: Simple fix for ride-sharing/uber (Score 1) 90 90

It would be incredibly easy to hack. A third party message board of people needing a ride. It would also cut uber out of the loop as third party drivers would just pick people up. The problem with uber is it is purely a race to the bottom.

What would give uber some credibility is huge insurance policy that is in effect anytime an uber driver is logged in, and that uber drivers help fund based on number hours logged in. And wifi cameras in the car.And a list of drivers who cannot respond to certain customers. This is simple.

Comment Re: Apologizing for the Catalyst (Score 1) 452 452

Honestly it is not managing the expectations of the users. The reddit user base is young and has unreasonable expectations. I am not saying this out of spite, just droppin knowledge as we used to say when I was young and had unreasonable expectations.

Look at /. Many years ago when everyone was around 30 or much younger. Recall the book that was published.

Many of the users on reddit are teens, some even in high school. Kids do not like rules or others messing with their toys. Of course the admins also are young, just like /. In the begining. Management has to be aware of that and set rules to start with. If there is an issue with AMA, it is that users live in a fantasy world where anything really means anything, and admins never explained that in the real world it does not.

Comment Re:The short answer is nothing (Score 1) 108 108

Domain names are a limited resource, somewhat analogous to real estate in that there are areas that are popular and areas that are not. So right now everyone wants to live in Hong Kong and everyone thinks they have a right to do so for the same price it costs them to live wherever they are now.

With domain this makes sense because there is no real issues like with real estate. There is no one who is going to have to move to another country instead of staying close to their family, so there is no push for rent controls or bans on foreign ownership. So the actual issue of a domain name is purely a matter of arbitrary convenience.

This becomes more so as we expand the TLDs. And more so, as in this case, where the owner is just casually using a domain. It is no so much a matter of millions of dollars of good will, but of exploiting the resource period. I would also say that you do not buy a domain so much as rent it. This is why I suggest to my clients that they rent/buy the domain for the longest time possible.

I think this is question is a result of either a high level of paranoia or the realization by the poster that domain name squatting is not the business it used to be. If this is a typosquatted domain, and it is a primary email address, then get another email address. If it a serious domain, get some content on it.

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