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Comment Re: UK recommends alcohol? (Score 1) 274

I agree that it's fairly pointless to create an arbitrary unit when it can be expressed exactly in standard metric units. This is dumbing down so UK equivalent of Joe Sixpack can understand it.

It isn't strictly necessary for it to translate internationally. Foreign visitors to the UK don't need to know. If you come to the UK and are worried about drinking and driving, for example, the official blood alcohol test limit doesn't use that 'unit' anyway: it's more sensibly based on e.g. milligrammes per 100 millilitres of blood, though you'd have to do extensive research to find out how much of your favourite tipple you could consume to reach that level for your own body weight and metabolic rate.

Comment Re:This just in: (Score 5, Informative) 274

That isn't a problem - there are no medical bills when you're dead.

Having just lost a friend whose breast cancer started 10 years ago, I'm acutely aware that if you die of cancer there can be huge medical bills before you are dead. (or there would be, if it wasn't all taken care of by the NHS as it was in this case).

Comment Re:Allow me to predict the comments (Score 2) 243

It would be better - a lot better - if there was actual, reliable ethernet hardware on there, and I'd be more than happy to pay a few bucks for it.

Odroid C1+ does it a lot better for a few more bucks. OK, quite a lot more bucks, but it's much better all round. Actually the new RPi could cram WiFi on the board in less space than an Ethernet connector, which would be good enough for most of its networking needs but I suspect add too much to the cost.

The ethernet on the other PI's is not particularly reliable, and that, in my case, is the downfall of the whole enterprise. I have four pis. They all drop their ethernet connections from time to time. It's beyond annoying.

I must be very lucky as I have one which is on 24/7 as a home mail/backup/DNS server. Though it's slow for USB sharing reasons described above, it's run for over 2 years without problems. (touch wood...)

Comment Re:Allow me to predict the comments (Score 3, Informative) 243

Let me add a legit complain. They only have one USB port, and ethernet/harddisk will have to share it.

The fact's there's no built-in Ethernet interface is a legitimate complaint, but the performance issue is the same on the original Rasperry Pi, whose onboard Ethernet interface is actually a USB device sharing a USB hub with the external USB connectors.

Comment Re:Criminals and pedophiles (Score 2) 418

With breakable encryption, criminals can edit your banking records and pedophiles can see all the "private" pics of your children. Do you really want breakable encryption?

The UK government still seem to be enjoying the delusion that they can choose who can break encryption and who can't. I didn't vote for them, don't blame me!

Comment Re:Censorship in the UK (Score 2) 138

Don't you guys care at all?

I'm in the UK, I've read 1984 and I do care. And, like many of us, I didn't vote for this stupid government.
As for ISP's, on Plus Net currently, but I'm all ready to switch to Andrews & Arnold at the drop of a hat if any of this crap gets in the way of my internet use (or possibly when I actually need IPV6, whichever happens first) Incidentally, Cameron is quite likely pleased about the Eu threat to make internet censorship illegal. He'll play the "think of the children" card for all it's worth in the hope of getting public support for his plan to getting us out of Europe, which would suit him fine.

Emigration is starting to look like a serious option. Either that or getting quite unpleasantly noisy and political, and encouraging others to do the same.

Comment Re:Youtube Comments (Score 1) 238

I think you missed the big one: lots of people might actually start using Google+.

...Some people just didn't like the blatant privacy violations.

I might start using Google+, because the new system WILL allow me to use my real name at last.
I didn't care for jumping though all the certification hoops required to prove that my usual (single) name is, in fact, real.

Comment Re: A bit slow Slashdot? (Score 1) 710

Doesn't really tell us anything and certainly doesn't deny any of what Julie has alleged.

It doesn't deny it, but it does suggest that the problem is restricted to one or two people and not represent GitHub's office culture generally. It may not be quite as simple as that, of course, if the claims of chatroom spying turn out to be true.

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