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Comment Pffft (Score 1) 108

Building a drone, over 1KG, and in the USA, over 250g! is trivial... Requiring registration for people's toys is idiotic (what are they going to do, attach a sticker?! to what easily replaceable part?) and unwarranted (how many actual drones - excluding military - have been involved in actual accidents with aircraft? none).

Comment This is exactly Oracle's tactic. (Score 1) 136

We had one small installation of Oracle on a VM running some old legacy database. Oracle audited and noted that the default packages were installed. The poor DBA didn't realise he was supposed to remove all of the default install-time packages as we had only licensed the base installation, but despite the fact we were only actually using the base packages, Oracle kindly notified us we were under licensed and owed money for several years with all the out-of-the-box features. Also because we were running oracle on a small 1vCPU Virtual machine, we had licensed for 1 CPU, but Oracle doesn't recognise "soft partitioning" hypervisor like ESX, only Oracle VM or "Hard Partitioning"... so we also got hit up for the full count of CPUs on the underlying ESX host (8!). After a lot of wrangling, Legal departments going back and forth we made a deal and purchased double the licensing we actually needed (so they had a sale and we were out of pocket for software we will never use). Needless to say, we have since divested in Oracle and will never use their products again. Oh, that reminds me. Oracle Java is a pain in the arse now, and the sooner it dies the better.

Comment Re:Company I work for got hit... (Score 1) 83

That sounds like a security argument that forgets the convenience part of the equation. If you have departments of 100+ staff and need them to have access to the same files... all it takes is one user falling for it, you're still left moping up. We had two staff fall for it from different departments... fun times.

Comment Company I work for got hit... (Score 4, Interesting) 83

We had two employees access the torrentlocker website, right through out proxy portal with Kaspersky and McAfee running, and they downloaded it to their PCs running McAfee and then ran the bloody thing. By the next morning, we had more than 50000 files encrypted. I spent the next two days scripting deletion and restores across several multi-terabyte file shares. What I REALLY don't get is, why the heck did a known piece of malware like that make it through all of those antivirus/antimalware systems and heuristics and succeed in ruining two perfectly good days? (just ignoring all of the staff downtime).... Anybody?

Comment Starship... Star-ship (Score 2) 184

Putting a new twist on Starships... Literally an Interstellar Star-ship. If you measure civilisations on the Kardashev scale; then a Type 1 -> 2 civilisation should be capable of redirecting a candidate star to place it on a course to travel wherever they want... it might take a long time, but hey, if you want to go traveling across the universe, you'd better do it on a grand scale.

Comment I'm sure it's been said before.... (Score 1) 334

1. Install Ubuntu 2. Setup only the applications they need in the task bar. 3. Install teamviewer host and or just enable openssh with dyndns for location. 4. ??? 5. Profit!!! I've had this set-up for my mother for 4 years now. She had Windows beforehand, but it kept committing suicide and was a much easier target for would-be malicious agents (yeah, she gets her fair share of "Microsoft support" calls offering to fix her computer - she knows how to respond these days). It's just rock solid, runs a web browser (gmail, facebook, google searches) and it runs skype too.. she doesn't need anything more than that.... and it keeps her support requirements very low. I just do a system check whenever I see her and it's always just happy as larry.

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