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Comment: Congratulations Slackware (Score 2) 183

by felixdzerzhinsky (#41496679) Attached to: Slackware 14.0 Arrives
I am a Debian user. I have experimented with Slackware. Most recently I installed Slackware 13.37. But after a month I went back to Debian simply because I prefer to work with apt-get. I am personally more efficient with Debian. Having said that Slackware has been around for a long time. People who use it don't just like it...they love it. Slackware must be doing something right. My personal experience is that the community support on IRC #slackware is outstanding and must be one of the reasons for the distro's longevity. So Congratulations to the Slackware community!

Comment: Re:apt-get install debian-handbook (Score 2) 40

# apt-get install debian-handbook Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package debian-handbook

Hmmm. The pdf from the web page is already downloaded.

I believe it is only in Sid at the moment.

Comment: Google Maps are crap in Cambodia (Score 1) 166

by felixdzerzhinsky (#39616663) Attached to: Wikipedia Mobile Apps Switch To OpenStreetMap
The Google Maps of Cambodia are useless here because they use Street Names and everybody here uses Street Numbers. Google have been told zillions of times but they obviously don't give a crap. I guess the market is too small for them to bother. Open Street Map is much more usable here.

+ - What would you put in your Forensic Toolkit?

Submitted by felixdzerzhinsky
felixdzerzhinsky writes: I am putting together a foresnsic toolkit for work. What would you carry in your Forensic Toolkit? What operating system would you install on your laptop? I would need to be able to run Windows XP Professional in a virtual machine. I would also require an os with the capability of fully encrypting the root partition. What software packages would you install? I am interested in both open source (Linux,BSD, OpenSolaris, etc) and Windows XP packages. Is anybody using OpenSolaris as a forensic platform?

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