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Comment: Re:Keeping track.. (Score 2) 137

by fearlezz (#47841909) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Remote Server Support and Monitoring Solution?

You'll need a means of knowing that 10.20.20.x is client x and 10.20.20.y is client y. Of course OpenVPN allows you to do this but maintaining that table by hand could be a bit of a pain.

You mean like the common name of the ssl certificate used to connect in the first place? Combine this with a client-connect script to update dns and/or the ifconfig-pool-persist option and you've got a great solution.

Comment: Re:Lol wut (Score 1) 128

by fearlezz (#46830623) Attached to: Band Releases Album As Linux Kernel Module

And there is a few lines of code to convert the byte array to a mp3 file:
import binascii,re,sys
                s = re.sub('0x','',re.sub('[,\n]','',open(sys.argv[1], 'r').read()))
                print "Usage: "+sys.argv[0]+" trkNdata.h"

I think I found their lost band member:

Comment: Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

by fearlezz (#44647969) Attached to: Concern Mounts Over Self-Driving Cars Taking Away Freedom

You mean that great thing that requires you to walk through the rain for ten minutes, then is 2 minutes early so you miss it and have to wait 30 minutes for the next one? That wondrous device that requires a driver that goes on strike several times a year, leaving you without options? That doesn't ride when you really need to get to your crashed server at 3am? And that never goes from A to B in straight line but takes 1:06 from my home to my work, while I can drive in 20 minutes myself.

No thanks.

Comment: Re:So what ever became of public key escrows? (Score 1) 135

Actually we have solved that problem. It's called S/MIME and getting your keys from a Certificate Authority such as VeriSign.

VeriSign... Under the direct control of the NSA. Or any other CA in the ca-bundle.crt, such as DigiNotar - iranian govt had direct or indirect access to those certificates. Or what about türktrüst, a CA under control of another totalitarian regime.

S/MIME is only secure when the dozens of CAs can be fully trusted. And they've shown they can't.

Comment: Re:Thus... (Score 1, Informative) 374

by fearlezz (#41251557) Attached to: Dutch Police Ask 8000+ Citizens To Provide Their DNA

Why not 6km/10km? I'm not sure, but I guess it's because the village where she was found is only 500meters long and surrounded by meadows. 5km radius = 10km diameter. This means all nearby villages are included as well.
Any further is a lot less likely: most crimes are commited within a certain distance of the criminals home. Because the infrastructure at the site doesn't allow to travel very fast, this distance decreases I think.

The Marianne Vaatstra case will probably never be solved. There was a lot of evidence pointing towards a center of asylum seekers nearby. The most likely suspects fled the country within a few days.

Good day to avoid cops. Crawl to work.