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Comment yet another "right" (Score 1) 305 305

This sort of thing is a natural progression of labeling every little benefit or service or obligation or arrangement a "right". No.

A "right" is something that others' actions may not infringe - something that if they do, you can defend yourself and/or the state will defend you from. It is actionable.

Contrasted to that, a "right to water" or "right to health" or "right to happiness" or "right to have data edited/erased" is a putative obligation upon others to do something for you. That's not a "right".

Comment Re:adjective choice (Score 1) 133 133

"If the student defaults, the institution isn't on the hook."

Well sure, the institution has delivered what it agreed to. The loan was not from the institution but from a bank - or the feds, with their own perverse incentives.

"we should probably cut back on the for-profit college companies"

What, by outlawing them? No, even those people involved should be free to pursue their happiness.

Any program which runs right is obsolete.