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+ - SPAM: Why Go Solar? Five Things You Need to Know

egsolar writes: With solar energy within our reach — thanks to technology that made these solar panel systems cheaper — such renewable energy has become a choice that can offer you almost endless benefits. And because solar panel systems have become more affordable and energy efficient, many households have shifted to this green option. In fact, in Australia alone, 2013 saw a milestone when the number of PV systems installed across the country reached 1 million.
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Lithium Air Batteries Get Boost From IBM and DOE 240 240

coondoggie writes "The Department of Energy and IBM are serious about developing controversial lithium air batteries capable of powering a car for 500 miles on a single charge – a huge increase over current plug-in batteries that have a range of about 40 to 100 miles, the DOE said. The agency said 24 million hours of supercomputing time out of a total of 1.6 billion available hours at Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories will be used by IBM and a team of researchers from those labs and Vanderbilt University to design new materials required for a lithium air battery."

Comment: Socialnetwork based disease-tracking (Score 1) 147 147

I run one of such social-network based disease tracking system. It' the only such site in the southern hemisphere. and will be fundamental in understanding the global dynamic of the swine-flu pandemic. For the Brazilian readers out there, check it out:
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+ - US playing Russian roulette with broadband->

LarryBoy writes: In a speech given at the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps lambasted US broadband policy, saying that the US is 'playing "Russian roulette with broadband and Internet and more traditional media."' Copps also took issue with an op-ed piece ('Broadband Baloney') by fellow commissioner Robert McDowell last week. 'In his speech, Copps didn't mention McDowell by name, but he did claim that broadband in the US is "so poor that every citizen in the country ought to be outraged." Back when then OECD said that we were number four in the world, he said, no one objected to its methodology. Copps also had fighting words for those who blame the US broadband problems on our less-dense population; Canada, Norway, and Sweden are ranked above us, but all are less dense than the US. Besides, this argument implies that broadband is absolutely super within American urban areas. Copps noted, though, that his own broadband connection in Washington, DC was "nothing compared to Seoul."'
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