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Comment: Start with RSS (Score 1) 361

by fbumg (#46162217) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?
What I do if I find a site that might be interesting is subscribe to their RSS feed, that is free. All you get is a summary, but after hitting it for a few days/weeks/months I get a feel for if the subject matter will keep me interested. It's certainly not fool proof, but help weed out some places. For instance, I am doing this right now with I am thinking about subscribing to get more in-depth news about my Iowa Hawkeyes. But I want to see how they spread the news across the different sports, as I am mainly interested in football and basketball. I have done this to help select some sites (pay sites and free sites), as well as weed out sites that sounded good or maybe had one interesting article, but then turned out to be mostly crap.

Comment: Re:Accenture? (Score 3, Insightful) 284

by fbumg (#45920421) Attached to: White House Reportedly Dismissing Key Contractor
I can only speak from personal experience, but to me the big difference is that IBM is at least technically competent. I guess as an opponent of Obamacare I should be happy, as this will undoubtedly allow the problems to continue. But I feel for the people that may be depending/hoping for this to come together. Accenture? Really?

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by fbumg (#43048219) Attached to: NASA Discovers Third Radiation Belt Circling Earth
This was more funny when I read it as a reply to the "Old Man Earth..." comment above it. I thought you were carrying on the old-man funny-ness, with "coronal mass ejections" implying an old man spending too much time on the toilet. And the "solar wind" a reference to him farting. Now I realize you were serious, that's too bad. And no, I am not 10 years old, I merely think like one.

Comment: Re:The Taliban blames the victim (Score 1) 473

by fbumg (#42741531) Attached to: Hacker Faces 105 Years In Prison After Blackmailing 350+ Women

While I agree that the victim is not at fault here, they nonetheless hold a degree of responsibility. If I go to a crack house, and get robbed, while I am a victim, if I had never been in the crack house in the first place, I would never have been robbed. I don't blame the victims at all, and I do find that what Karen did to be a despicable act and deserves to do some time behind it. But, we as a society also need a good dose of "reality" when it comes to crime. If you don't want a dui, don't go to the bar and then drive home.

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