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Comment Re:Wow... (Score 5, Informative) 232 232

The report was written by the law firm that is defending the school district. Consequently it is attempting to spin everything in the most favourable light to the school district. Any attempt to pin the fault on rogue individuals in the IT department might just be an attempt to minimize liability.

I simply don't trust the report.

Comment Re:We've come a long way, baby (Score 1) 320 320

The 160x100 mode reminds me of the code that I wrote that would remap the characters on the fly to get a graphical cursor on top of a text mode display with a 1 pixel resulution. It all worked quite well until I managed to write code that caused the hard drive to crash when I moved the mouse. I could hear the head crash, followed by the drive spinning down and then back up again. This happened twice in a row, exactly when I moved the mouse. I was never willing to risk running that code again and I did not have the previous, working version anymore.


Comment Re:Pretty soon ... (Score 4, Funny) 274 274

Considering the scale bars at the bottom are set to 200 miles, then I would say its a pretty big flat.

There would be no problem seeing it from orbit, the coffee table is 100 miles by 200 miles just by itself, and the rug is a massive 700 miles square.

Your brother must be rich to afford a flat that big!

The Courts

RIAA Brief Attacks Free Software Foundation 554 554

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The RIAA has requested permission to file a response to the amicus curiae brief filed by the Free Software Foundation in SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum, the Boston case against a Boston University grad student accused of having downloaded some song files when in his teens. In their proposed response, the RIAA lawyers personally attacked The Free Software Foundation, Ray Beckerman (NewYorkCountryLawyer), and NYCL's blog, 'Recording Industry vs. The People.' The 9-page response (PDF) — 4 pages longer than the document to which it was responding — termed the FSF an organization 'dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying, redistribution, and modifying computer programs,' and accused the FSF of having an 'open and virulent bias against copyrights' and 'blatant bias' against the record companies. They called 'Recording Industry vs. The People' an 'anti-recording industry web site' and stated that NYCL 'is currently subject to a pending sanctions motion for his conduct in representing a defendant' (without disclosing that plaintiffs' lawyers were 'subject to a pending motion for Rule 11 sanctions for their conduct in representing plaintiffs' in that very case)."

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