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Comment: Re:I didn't read the whole thing (Score 2, Interesting) 102

by fatius (#33816172) Attached to: Building the Realtime User Experience

Well said. That's exactly what I'm trying to do with this book (I wrote it). This is a very practical book in that you should be able to start implementing these technologies at scale in any modern browser and working with your apps existing ecosystem.

While I would have loved to put in a chapter on web sockets, It wasn't practical in terms of time or practicality. However, the 2nd edition (fingers crossed) will definitely cover it.


Comment: Re:cost of keeping a socket open? (Score 5, Informative) 102

by fatius (#33815320) Attached to: Building the Realtime User Experience

Hi, Ted Roden here, author of this book.

I definitely spend a lot of time talking about that issue in the book.The reviewer (understandably) didn't write about all of the pros/cons and content in the book.

I talk about how many servers (apache) are really bad at keeping these types of connections open and suggest using servers that were specifically designed for this (tornado). I also spend a while talking about how to get them all working together so you don't have to rearchitect everything just to get something set up.


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