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Comment Re:How about 28 bytes?! (Score 0) 582 582

How about 21 bytes?

-a 0100
0D39:0100 MOV AH,09
0D39:0102 MOV DX,0108
0D39:0105 INT 21
0D39:0107 RET
-e 0108 'Hello world!$'
-r cx
CX 0000 :15
-n hello21.com
Writing 00015 bytes

Hello world!
C:\>dir hello.com
17/03/2010 10:48 22 HELLO21.COM


Submission + - Goodbye from the STARTREK.COM Team 1 1

Curlsman writes: Goodbye from the STARTREK.COM Team

Sadly, we must report that CBS Interactive organization is being restructured, and the production team that brings you the STARTREK.COM site has been eliminated. Effective immediately.
We don't know the ultimate fate of this site, which has served millions of Star Trek fans for the last thirteen years.

If you have comments, please send them to editor @ startrek.com — we hope someone at CBS will read them.

Thank you for your loyal fandom over the years. It has been a pleasure to serve you.


Is this site worth a write-in campaign?

Submission + - First Bugatti Veyron crash: There goes $1.6M

zimsters writes: "http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/surrey/6422215. stm From the article: A car worth more than £800,000 was involved in a collision with a van before crashing into trees. Should there be some age limit for people driving supercars? The driver who crashed this car probably had never driven anything over 150HP in his life before..."

Sony to Launch Virtual Universe

UmUm~ writes "Capitalizing on the popularity of social networks and online worlds, Sony will launch its own virtual universe and another 3-D game built almost entirely by players. "Home" is a real-time, networked world for the PlayStation 3 in which players create human-looking characters called avatars. They can buy clothing, furniture and videos to play on a virtual flat-screen television in their virtual apartments."

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