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Comment Re:What makes Ubuntu Server unsuitable? (Score 1, Troll) 167

Ubuntu is a good enough OS for desktops, but servers are precisely where it should not be used.

Could you explain in more detail why you believe Ubuntu Server is unsuitable for servers? What change from Debian makes it unsuitable? Or is Debian likewise unsuitable?

Yes, Debian is likewise unsuitable ;)

Comment Re:Not buying it, Copper wire is exspensive (V*A=W (Score 1) 597

>Ask yourself why Europe uses a ~230V/240V electricity

Apart from the economical reasons as outlined by yourself, I always assumed it was a safety issue. I was taught that current kills not Voltage. A static shock has huge tension but non-existent current whereas a toaster in the bathtub has (relatively) low voltage and high current.

Can a sparky weigh in on this for me?

Not that I'd go licking the sockets in any country.

Increase the voltage (EMF) presented across a load, and your current increases.


So, no, it isn't safer. (Assuming Europeans have roughly the same electrical resistance of their skin as Americans)

The reason electrostatic charge is not normally harmful is because of how quickly the charge is dissipated. (usually microseconds)

Comment Re:At 5PM.... (Score 1) 327

So? In the other 8 months it'll still be useful. Or split the difference and point them southwest.

Or continue trying to find ways in which you're a special little snowflake, and trying to make it so that anything that doesn't make something 100% useful for you personal makes the entire thing pointless.

No, the point is there are millions of people that live where I do. Many millions more also live at similar longitude or on the eastern side of their timezone. I'm not a "special snowflake".

The Wright Bothers weren't the first to fly. They were just the first not to crash.