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Submission + - Microsoft's OpenXML SDK released under Apache 2.0 License->

fatalGlory writes: Microsoft has released version 2.5 of the SDK for OpenXML under the Apache 2.0 license. Because of this license, there are now no platform restrictions, and Eric White blogs about his plans to port the SDK to Linux and OSX via Mono. Hopefully this will help interoperability between MS-Office and other office software going forward. The code is on GitHub:
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Submission + - Preliminary Unity vs Gnome-shell benchmark-> 1 1

fatalGlory writes: "Despite some initial reservations about Gnome-shell, it appears to be coming out very nicely. In some preliminary benchmarking tests I've been conducting, Ubuntu's Unity desktop on 11.04 Natty uses roughly double the memory that Gnome-shell uses."
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