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by gl4ss (#48479161) Attached to: Renewables Are Now Scotland's Biggest Energy Source

where does Finland end up in that conspiracy theory though? I mean, fuck, there's plenty of places where nuclear is used just because it's rather cheap and stable. furthermore, it would be fucking easy to argue that Solar panels were funded for the first 40 years ONLY FOR MILITARY APPLICATIONS including military space applications, so there.

and where does Norway end up on the renewables with all their hydro?

anyways, the actual article makes the mistake too of combining the green and not the fossils into one, yet using the word "and". (it's engadget though so no wonder, they should just have stayed as a gadget news site not a fucking hipster news site).

I'm interested in the hydro value. hydro is easy and green but drawbacks are that almost every suitable location in western world tends to be exploited already. also it suffers from the attacks from eco folk. that number as separate would be interesting because it is significant, bio gas on the other hand not so much.

Comment: Re:Unexpected technical issues (Score 1) 152

by gl4ss (#48479063) Attached to: Ubisoft Apologizes For Assassin's Creed

well it was "unexpected" to the management that the patching team didn't do a miracle in 48 hours prior to launch. if they were even working.

they knew it was buggy, what they technically might have not know was if the thing was going to get patched to good level before stores handing the copies out.

(that they knew was evidenced by the launch day review embargo for people with advance copies, which doesn't happen with all games, rather it seems to happen only on games that are buggy)

+ - Female TV Reporters Decry FHRITP Meme-Bomb

Submitted by Freshly Exhumed
Freshly Exhumed (105597) writes "If you’re a TV reporter on a remote feed in a public space, try for some crowd control beforehand because there’s a good chance someone will invade your broadcast with an increasingly prominent, viral meme called FHRITP, which has repeatedly appeared ever since January 4th 2014 when reporter John Cain did not realize that he was being broadcast live and made lewd comments about a missing 20-year-old girl. Cain was quickly fired for his on-air remarks, but they were immortalized just one month later when a hooded man with sunglasses named “Fred” jumped into the middle of a news report, grabbed the microphone and shouted the epithet before running off. Reporters are voicing their outrage, rightly or wrongly perceiving the pranks as overtly sexual harrassment of females. The meme has spread beyond the Internet and live TV, as in the case of this road warning sign."

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by gl4ss (#48471797) Attached to: Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous After All

...around here(Asia) finding an open AP is simple as finding apple pie. the wifis are either open or the password is something simple that never changes(phone number of the place usually), there's no way of telling if the person is inside the restaurant either or 50 meters down the street - only the expensive establishments have one time use code systems and such.

also, in most western countries buying a data capable simcard anonymously is easy as pie as well and buying a phone to use it with anonymously is easy as well(after you do that, you just keep both of those separate from your usual sim and phone). additionally, all the 3g connections are natted to hell and back so that's an extra hurdle, needing nasty parsing of the logs since just the ip doesn't tell anything.

besides though, mostly the feds care about who it was(the dealer) getting paid to than who paid(the client).

I don't get their point about TOR though, since they say that it could be easily blocked. blocked how? within your network? who cares about that though? and if you can't use TOR how are you getting hooked up with your dealer in the first place?

browser fingerprinting isn't that good though. it's a crap way, suitable for selling what's almost(mostly) fake user tracking data.

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by gl4ss (#48465927) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal

it's stupid though.

if they want it to be even, make them play on the tournament holders computers and raffle them at start of the game.

seriously, I thought the serious tournaments were played in this fashion but I suppose not. otherwise it's like letting javelin throwers bring their own stuff and not have people go through them(and yes sports like ski jumping have quite scientific ways to measure things like suit lift, because all that has been regulated).

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by gl4ss (#48465915) Attached to: ISS's 3-D Printer Creates Its First Object In Space

we're not too close to 'printing' electronics on earth either. printing a chip takes a fab now.

replacement brackets and such though, sure, today. you can also print circuit boards today(with special inks that form into metal layer when mixed.. google cartesian co). but circuit boards are quite far from printing semiconductor electronics as such. solar panels too. power supply components are mostly coiled coppers and chips. making good enough caps on iss in short order.. maybe not.

i would expect them to be doing titanium parts on iss before semiconductors. though the common currently in use technology for doing that kind of relies on having gravity.

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by gl4ss (#48465859) Attached to: The Schizophrenic Programmer Who Built an OS To Talk To God

the hosts file method of filtering though actually works and has a practical application.

and this is more like a gui on top of linux than an operating system of it's own though? the downloads page doesn't link to sources? why was it made as it's own "operating system" rather than simply an application? because god said so?

Comment: Perspective (Score 4, Informative) 325

I'm one of said H1B visas, now with a green card. Been here almost exactly 10 years now, after Apple bought my company. I came here for the money and the weather, not for anything else. Frankly I don't think the US society is as "free" as people here seem to believe.

I've mentioned this here before, and (understandably, no-one likes bad news) I tend to get down voted for it, but the simple honest truth of the matter is that the USA isn't geared for looking after people, it's geared towards controlling people. There's things I like about it (the job is great, the weather is excellent, the people (as individuals who I meet day-to-day) are generally wonderful unless driving, the money is still good, I like my house and I met my wife here - my son is dual American/British).

There's things I don't like too, (the militarisation of the police, the lack of any reasonable healthcare, the "I'm alright Jack, screw you" attitude of a *lot* of people - weirdly enough those who often really *aren't* alright, the schooling system, and for lack of any better term, the country's soul). As time passes, and I get older, these seem to be more important. I can't see myself retiring here, and in fact I can't see myself here in another 10 years. That's not the attitude I came to the US with, it's something I've developed while I've been here.

Let's be frank here, I'm not trying to boast, but I'm one of the 'have's - I have a million dollar house (which sounds a lot more impressive than it really is in this neighbourhood) which is almost paid off, I have a high six-figure income, and I've money in the bank. I'm not a "1%er" but I'm up there with the rest... however, even with all of this, I'm not happy with the way the country is going. There's little-to-no safety net for joe public, and seemingly (*both* houses Republican, seriously ?) no desire for that. I think the USA is far closer to oligarchy than democracy, and the long-term trend just looks like it gets worse from here on out.



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by gl4ss (#48439625) Attached to: Indian Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Snub Android One Phones

exactly. how cheap is it anyways? it needs to be under 80 bucks to be cheap enough to be a cheap android handset. nokia x is 80 bucks. 20 bucks more is not cheap(nokia x xl was 100 bucks on launch, like 8 months ago). from what I could find android one launch price was 100 bucks, though it has quad core. but the fuck the target audience cares about that? nothing. two things matter: how nice it feels in the hand and how good the screen looks - ram and other numbers not so much. the third thing that matters is brand and that matters a whole lot.

and noname chinese is around in the same range - and be good, since some of the cheapos in the same price range really don't feel like cheapos.

nokia x line is going to die though, thanks to microsoft, not because the sales are bad(because the sales for it are good, too good in fact). but the other nokia can start making them again in few years... I got one and it does everything a smartphone needs to do.. the camera isn't very good by nokia standards(my previous one was a 808) but that's about it, with play apps installed it's like any other android except cheapo cheap and feels solidly built - and it comes with all the apps asians expect pre installed, that includes line etc.

and yes I got sort of a habit of buying dying phone os brands knowingly.

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you would think helium to be a tad more expensive then if it is in fact as you in shortage right now.

though, what do they fill these with? surely just not air, the blurb is all kinds of stupid. I think the engineering problem with filling it is more akin to cutting the feed at the right point more than anything to not rupture the vessel that is being filled. just filling a thing with air in 5 minutes on it's own isn't that impressive, since you can fill emergency exit slides etc far, far faster than that.

more than that, it's more of a problem of moving the thing to the different deployment points than anything else- unless they aim to launch the balloons at the same place. always thought that the fucking filling of the balloons to be the easiest part and the networking behind it, powering the node while it is in the air etc to be the hard part- that, and well, the general longevity of such a system, like, will this deploy before mobile networks to such far reaches? you can make pretty big cells with 450 and 900mhz.

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by gl4ss (#48432361) Attached to: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station To Replace ISS

well they got russian hookers already everywhere else than on the space station so maybe that's it.

it's a joke though. they can't afford it, it gives them no meaningful bonus of any kind - science or military wise. ruble is already in the gutter and they would rather use the money and resources for jets and missiles. but talk is cheap.

or maybe they'll just photoshop it. the pro russia regime russian media has started being so sloppy lately that you have to even start wondering if being so sloppy in the pro putin regime news is some kind of deliberate quiet resistance("so you want me to create a fake news story about some american jet allegedly to be blamed for downing the passenger jet? fine, but I'll do a shitty job at it")

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