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Journal: More Fuel for the Cult

Journal by fascismforthepeople
Likely the most dangerous cult in the US today is the cult of Ron Paul (which of course is much enamored with his dear son Rand). The cult of Ron Paul quotes mostly only two authors; their cult leader himself (often in youtube format) and his idol Ayn Rand. Now their second-favorite messiah has new scripture coming out. Well, actually it is old scripture - written in 1934 to be precise - but it is text from Alisa Rosenbaum (the real name of Ayn Rand) that very few have ever seen. The rediscovery of "Ideal" in 2012 has lead to its being prepared for publication next July.

We can almost certainly expect to hear a lot more "libertarian" declarations next year once this starts gaining traction.

Also posted on blogger as More fuel for the cult
User Journal

Journal: Slashdot embraces more fascism

Journal by fascismforthepeople
I noticed another front page story here heaping praise on the son of the infamous cult leader ron paul. I dared to point out what the son of the cult leader is pursuing and was promptly subjected to a slashdot fascist beat-down.

What a surprise. The fascists who call themselves libertarians just can't stand to have the platforms of their leaders questioned.

First, they advocate for stripping away the rights of the people to elect senators and governors. Then they push for a new tax code that is even more crippling to the lower 95% of the economy. They follow that with more bullshit about how removing regulations from business will be good for everyone - even those who find toxic waste in their backyards or lose their jobs for no reason and with no repercussions.

This is how they bring more power to the powerful, and fascism for the people.
User Journal

Journal: Cult leader's son goes to the old party playbook

Journal by fascismforthepeople
When you need to make friends - even if your aim is to bring your dad's cult to power - in the GOP there is one sure fire way to do it. Just play the Lewinski card. It doesn't even matter if you get the facts right or not, since they never really mattered before. Just remind everyone about the affair that initiated an impeachment trial, and make a big deal out of the whole damned thing.

Because after all, the facts don't matter when your final goal is to produce fascism for the people.
User Journal

Journal: First Family of Fascism Tries to Sell to Howard University

Journal by fascismforthepeople
The heir to the first family of fascism - who some expect will try to run for the white house in 2016 - traveled all the way from the Senate to Howard University to try to sell fascism to an historically black college. Apparently, the Howard University students weren't crazy about a stodgy white guy coming in to lecture them on their history. And of course when the same stodgy white guy wants to make education less accessible and wages less livable, he likely becomes even less popular.
User Journal

Journal: The Grand Old Party of Fascism

Journal by fascismforthepeople
The heir-apparent to the first family of fascism was greeted warmly at the CPAC convention this year. Indeed, this is no surprise as conservatism and fascism are natural bedfellows. Nobody should be surprised that a party which utilized voter suppression to win elections would unite with a philosophy that views voters as idiots, workers as disposable resources without rights, and democracy itself as but an obstacle to their god-given right to rule with unlimited power for unlimited time.

Cross-posted here.
User Journal

Journal: Fascism, slashdot endorsed. Come get some!

Journal by fascismforthepeople
A rabid religious zealot / fascism fan here on slashdot recently gained the support of enough people to move his karma from shit to great. Now he can post as quickly as he can type, without needing his sock puppets. Welcome to the new slashdot; all fascism, all the time.

Here's a hint, folks. Fascism under the guise of libertarianism is still fascism.

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