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Comment: Re:Not myths (Score 2) 363

by fascismforthepeople (#46561045) Attached to: Google Tries To Defuse Glass "Myths"

I don't have a problem with people taking matters into their own hands on this and yanking those devices of faces of the wearers and simply stomping on them.

You used to support private property. Now you support the destruction of private property, if its existence offends you. Did your cult leader tell you this somehow is not a contradiction in terms? You keep telling us that your beliefs are absolute yet you keep going back on them.

But of course, this contradiction is just another part of your aspirations. When you give people a false sense of entitlement if makes it that much easier to bring about fascism for the people.

Comment: Re:Economically Inefficient (Score 1, Informative) 467

Arresting someone for theft under $10 ("Monster-In-Law" on DVD retails for about $5)

The cost for the store was much higher than that. Rental outlets don't just go to walmart and buy DVDs, they had to get them with rental licenses from the studios (ever notice the FBI warning on the discs you buy, warning you not to rent it out?). We can probably assume it was a reasonably new release when it was rented, so the cost was something closer to $50 per disc.

A more efficient punishment would be to seize wages/tax refunds/etc. in the amount of the theft + some additional punitive amount.

That is reasonable, but do the math in a reasonable manner to reflect the true cost to the merchant.

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People are stupid. thats all there is too it, Look at the last 5 elections or so for proof of that.

Your grammar supports that notion.

the senate was intended to be voted on by the smart people in the house, not by the dumb people all over the country

Did you get that idea from watching a youtube video somewhere? The fact that senators used to be appointed has as much to do with logistics as anything, there were many states that previously were incapable of managing statewide elections (they had their governors appointed for the same reason).

When we elect people based on promises of what they will give me, we are all doomed. With all that in mind, yes taking the senate back from the people actually would be in our best interest.

Then why have representative government at all? Your argument could apply just as well to the house, the governorship, and any state legislature - and of course the Presidency as well - as it does to the US Senate. What is so special about the senate if you don't trust people to elect their own politicians?

... and of course that says nothing about what you believe a politician will "give" you. Do you believe that your preferred leader will reduce your taxes or something?

In the end your arguments are very very similar to those of the cult members we see around here. You are arguing for producing more power for those who hold the most power, and fascism for the people.

Comment: try as you might (Score 0) 380

Obama and his administration should be sued and should be impeached, and it's not just for surveillance, the fucking guy is a murderer and he brags about it []. It shouldn't be just an action class lawsuit, it should be a criminal investigation into this mass murderer.

how will you install your religious movement - and its leader - in place of him? if you somehow find a way to impeach obama, you still have that pesky problem of the fact that the us is still a democracy and none of your religious leaders are in line to inherit the presidency, even if you throw out obama and biden. of course, you don't see elections as more than an inconvenience. your movement has shown a keen interest in discarding elections in order to bring more power to your leaders.

and that is how you want to bring more power for the wealthy, and fascism for the people.

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Journal: Slashdot embraces more fascism

Journal by fascismforthepeople
I noticed another front page story here heaping praise on the son of the infamous cult leader ron paul. I dared to point out what the son of the cult leader is pursuing and was promptly subjected to a slashdot fascist beat-down.

What a surprise. The fascists who call themselves libertarians just can't stand to have the platforms of their leaders questioned.

Comment: Re:Pick your favorite amendments! (Score 0) 380

You know he wants to end the Federal reserve right? Can you imagine ANY "corporate fat cat" liking that idea?

He does way more than enough for corporate America to make up for closing the Fed. Not that he could do it on his own - at least, not with the current constitutionally defined division of power - but that wouldn't stop him from trying.

but basically all the money in corporate America will be against him should he get nominated.

You're joking, right? The way he advocates for the elimination of taxes for the top wage earners makes him the wet dream of corporate America.

His only real chance is if the market collapse we all know is coming, hits before the election.

Oh, I see. You're a cult member yourself. Now your post makes sense.

Comment: Re:Cult leader's son behaving like a cult leader (Score 1) 380

The two official State of the Union videos have about a million Youtube views put together

Those were also broadcast live, and have official transcripts available. Neither of those can be said for this latest oral brain fart from the son of the cult leader.

Comment: Re:Cult leader's son behaving like a cult leader (Score 2, Informative) 380

In the case of Rand Paul, he is one of the VERY few members of Congress who seem to actually have the people's best interests at heart.

Really? In what way is the elimination of representation of the people in the senate, or decrease of upper income taxation at the expense of the lower income brackets, an example of having "the people's best interests at heart"?

Comment: Pick your favorite amendments! (Score 2, Insightful) 380

Rand Paul has open disdain for other amendments of the constitution. He is using the fourth amendment to bring more attention to his presidential aspirations but when his corporate masters tell him later that the fourth amendment gets in the way of profit he will be in a hurry to backpedal.

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