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Journal Journal: UK ISP reacts to automated e-mail legalese footers

My ISP, Andrews & Arnold (a great, geek-friendly UK ISP) have recently come up with a rather telling response to all the junk legalese footers you see on e-mail from big businesses. Their mailserver points you to a terms and conditions page whenever you connect to it; they believe that these terms are as enforceable as those in the footers.

It'd be great to see if a company that automatically adds a legalese footer to outgoing e-mail had enough courage to try and enforce them against AAISP; I'd love to see a judge trying to understand just what was going on in an SMTP exchange.


Journal Journal: OpenBSD/sparc64 has eeprom(8)

Today's item on things I wish I'd known earlier: eeprom(8) exists and works to interrogate and set the OpenPROM on OpenBSD/sparc64. Would have saved me a few reboots and some mess with serial console when I was trying to work out why I was having trouble with bridging across a QFE (setting local-mac-address?=true in OpenPROM got it working).
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Journal Journal: More mod-points spare

The usual, post a CID link, and I'll go moderate any comment you name. My points expire on 2004-09-16, and I'll moderate anyone's comments, even your own.

By the way, as a test to see if anyone reads this thing, I'm giving away Gmail invites to the three "best" (in my eyes) comments I get pointed at.

Edit: Used them. Gmail invites still on offer if you point me at comments I like.

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