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Comment: Re:slashdot - daily news about whiny bitches and S (Score 0) 309

The fact that you're so unself-consciously self-righteous and equate yourself with Ghandi and MLK (you brought them up, remember) is a major cause of the rest of us failing to take SJWs seriously. How can a person un-ironicially do something like that casually in conversation?

Comment: Re:God I wish we'd stop hearing this myth. (Score 1) 398

by DNS-and-BIND (#49352375) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US
Postive reinforcement isn't effective because it's positive reinforcement, it's effective because the person has done the right thing. Giving positive reinforcement when it is not deserved ("everyone gets a trophy") reinforces negative behavior that did not achieve the desired outcome. This works in childhood where adults can create closed environments but falls apart when faced with cold, hard reality.

Comment: Wait, what? (Score 0) 40

by DNS-and-BIND (#49335857) Attached to: Michael Stonebraker Wins Turing Award
The "Nobel prize of computing"? Jeez, has the author been in a space capsule traveling back from Mars for the past decade? The Nobel prize isn't what it used to be - if it ever was in the first place. It's a damaged, discredited brand, like Paula Deen, Best Buy, or "hands up don't shoot". I'd avoid using the phrase in the future.

Comment: Re:eliminate extra sugar (Score 0) 491

by DNS-and-BIND (#49332501) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds
See, this is why nobody listens to health nuts. Eliminate beer? It certainly is beyond the pale, for ordinary mortals. It is a great joy in life, and worth whatever temporary price must be paid. Only a highly motivated fanatic would voluntarily eliminate such a pleasure. What differences are there between you and ISIS? Not flaming, for real.

Comment: Re:Death traps. (Score 1) 451

by Alioth (#49291863) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future

You are somewhat the rarity with your vintage car. For most people, drive by wire is already a thing. The throttle has been drive by wire for years on most cars, and some of today's cars are steer by wire. (Yes, there is manual reversion if it fails, but in normal driving you have no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels of the car). Many cars can brake independently of the driver. Even my 2007 Civic has traction control and ABS fitted as standard.

Comment: Re:Buggy whip makers said automobiles aren't... (Score 1) 451

by Alioth (#49291749) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future

Traffic would probably flow considerably better in a city full of self driving cars. A lot of the chaos of city driving is because of human error and human reaction delays.

You only have to fly over a traffic jam on a major highway to see problems that could be significantly alleviated by self driving cars that communicate with each other. Quite often you see traffic jams with no explanation - a mile of stationary traffic, but there's no obstacle in front and none behind. What happened is two hours earlier someone slammed on their brakes, someone following too close had to brake harder, and eventually the whole highway stops. As long as traffic is not leaving the stopped area faster than it is arriving, you get a self-sustaining traffic jam long after the original cause has gone away. The self driving car will reduce the instances in the first place of the cause, and if it does happen will be able to as a group moderate their speed in such a way that you don't end up with a mile of stopped cars. Instead of the next car only starting after it has seen the previous one begin to move + reaction delay, all cars will be able to start moving at once or nearly so.

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