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Submission Mitt Romney's Favorite Book? Battlefield Earth->

farcedude writes: Back in 2007, when asked, Mitt Romney stated that his favorite book was "Battlefield Earth", by L Ron Hubbard, of Scientology fame (the movie version. He later qualified that to say that it was his favorite science fiction novel, with Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" being his favorite novel. Interesting to ponder what this might say about the man.
Also on NPR:

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Submission Romney's Favorite Book? Battlefield Earth->

farcedude writes: Back in 2007, Mitt Romney revealed that his favorite book is "Battlefield Earth", by L. Ron Hubbard. He later qualified it as his favorite sci-fi novel, but it's interesting to consider what this might say about the man. Also in Slate:
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Comment I don't mind at all (Score 1) 416

Heck, I don't mind this one bit - I'm flying through Seattle with a 10 hour layover next Tuesday, and I was hoping to be able to pick up an iPad without paying sales tax (residents of certain other states don't pay sales tax in WA). I know the last time I was there, in October, I was able to find iPhones for my parents at a Best Buy in Bellevue (right next to Redmond), and I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up an iPad at the same place.

Comment Re:All of it. (Score 1) 432

I can't wait until we have a self-supporting colony on some other planet. It can't happen soon enough. Sure, most of the life-killing asteroids and comets that would have hit the earth already have, but there are still enough out there, that we know little enough about, to cause problems. I know I probably won't live to see it, or probably my kids, or their kids, but you have to take the first steps, and the more time we spend with humans in space and trying to get to and from other heavenly bodies (moon, mars, etc.), the closer we're getting.

Comment Re:'Kill shot' cameras (Score 1) 263

well-prepared elk is astoundingly delicious

And there's the difference - A sadly large number of people's experience with elk is the elk that someone shot, threw in the back of their truck, then drove 12 hours before cleaning it. The best wild game (deer, not elk, but same principle) I've had was shot on a friends ranch, cleaned at the nearest tree, then immediately taken inside, wrapped, and frozen (to await the cwd results, of course).

Comment Re:No such thing as wasted projects (Score 1) 408

I was about to add a comment about this until I found yours - this is how you attract the best - make it someplace that the best want to work at because they can do cool stuff, not just because it can add to the bottom dollar in the next six months, but because it's COOL.

Comment Give Lifehacker a chance (Score 1) 429

As much as I dislike the commenting community of Gizmodo, Gawker, etc., I love the community on Lifehacker. There's a lot of discourse between the authors, mods, and readers, and a definite lack of hatred. This probably comes from the smaller audience, both targeted and attracted, which allows a user to build a reputation and get to know each other. Give it a look, before you damn his whole system. I just wish that if he goes down, Lifehacker somehow gets spun off into something independent.

Comment Re:Community on the Information Superhighway (Score 1) 429

Gawker, Jezebel, Gizmodo, io9 and Lifehacker have none of the above -- and if they have moderation it is heavy handed deletionary censorship. So all they get is drive-by shootings or white panel vans with painted over windows offering free candy.

As a regular of lifehacker, I dispute the way you placed it in the same category as gawker, jezebel, and gizmodo. The larger sites, with the larger audiences, attract a readership with a shorter attention span, who just come for the headlines. Denton himself (though I can't find the source at the moment, will keep looking) said that Lifehacker is one place where comments have succeeded - there's a lot of good discourse that happens there, and often gets incorporated back into the articles themselves. The other ones, I don't bother with the comments anymore.

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