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Comment: misses the point (Score 1) 310

by farble1670 (#46782299) Attached to: Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

while it's true that sitting all day isn't good for you, neither is it good to stand all day. what's important is not doing the same thing for prolonged periods. the best option is to have a desk where you can both sit and stand ... such as a raised desk w/ a bar-style desk chair, or a desk that can be cranked up and down.

all things being equal, i'd rather have to sit all day than stand. i've had several jobs in my youth where i had to be on my feet for 8 hours, and it so no fun at all. forget about getting diabetes 10 years down the road, worry about the the fact that your feet kill you every single night after work.

Comment: typical (Score 1) 74

by farble1670 (#46569147) Attached to: Google Now Arrives In Chrome For Windows and Mac

was excited to see this. went and installed the dev channel chrome to make sure i got it. started it up and got a nice notification saying it was turned on. neat. then nothing. no notifications. nothing at all.

typical behavior from google now. the idea is so simple, but it never seems to work right for me despite having it turned on since inception and allowing google full access to my location. just *some* off the oddities,

1. despite never, ever going to the gym at any other time then between 7-8.30 in the morning on weekday, google now insists on giving me directions at all times of the day including saturdays.

2. despite regularly clicking on news articles and google now notifications about my local sports team, it failed to alert tell me there was a home game the other day resulting in me being jammed in downtown traffic (thanks!)

3. the weather notification is sometimes there, sometimes now. no clue about when it decides to show itself.

4. after swiping away sporting results, it re-inserts them multiple times

Comment: business as usual (Score 1) 466

why is everyone so surprised and outraged? this is business doing what business does: maximizing profits. if there's no law saying they can't, they will. they are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing. if they weren't doing this, their board of directors should be fired. if you want to be mad at something, be mad at your representatives for not passing a law.

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by farble1670 (#46537683) Attached to: Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

1) Cloud office suites store documents.... in the cloud

you know, there are benefits to this as well. i'm connected 99% of the time. not having access that 1% of the time is less of an inconvenience that having to otherwise sync the files between all my devices. i realize it's different for everyone, but in general, the world is becoming more and more connected.

Where's the guarantee that it will always be free?

so, never ever accept or use something that's free because someday it might not be free? what do you do if you car insurance goes up? you look around at the competition and see if there's a better deal. there you go.

Will I actually be able to move?

so you are suggesting one day, google or someone will lock all your files and hold them ransom until you pay? you think that might hurt their business at all? the business that relies on users trusting them? you don't have to think google cares about you or "does no evil", you just have to understand that they want to make money.

sometimes it helps to limit a conversation to what's likely to happen, not what possibly could happen.

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Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis said she'd rather see companies pay more in taxes and fund schools that way, rather than relying on their charity or free software

of course. if they rely on charity, they don't have a choice in how or where the benefit is "spent". companies can influence things in ways that directly or indirectly benefit them. need money for your art program? how about a bunch of chromebooks instead?

on the other hand, i suspect charity is more directly translated into student benefit than tax dollars. tax dollars, if they even make it to the school, are divvied up between unions, administration, etc. before anything gets to the kids.

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by farble1670 (#46528499) Attached to: Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs?

Both ANT and Maven represent your build script as huge horrific XML files

you are really going to pick your build system on how pretty the script is?

yes, because the most important thing to me in a build system that my build scripts be as few characters as possible, right? the only thing that matters is stability and lots of good examples of how to do things you want to do.

That and ANT is goddamn slow.

ant was lightning fast compared to gradle. and yeah, i know because our company has fully cut over from eclipse + ant to android studio + gradle.

it takes nearly 30s to build just one of our android apps. upgrading from gradle 1.6 > 1.8 > 1.11, each upgrade has considerably worse performance, despite the docs claiming to have improved performance. gradle 1.11 is so much slower than 1.8 it's ridiculous. i can't even believe it was released. it does however give a progress indicator during the build now. great.

Comment: Re:Horrible article (Score 1) 140

by farble1670 (#46528193) Attached to: Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs?

the decision to base everything on gradle baffles me a bit.

gradle itself, while apparently existing for a long time, has had some pretty bad bugs in it and it's plugins in the time i've been using it (last 6 months or so).

that, and i can't figure out why it's better. it is different however. there are fewer examples of how to do things then with maven or ant, and there's often multiple ways to accomplish the same thing, and they are both given as examples in the same doc with no explanation

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$120/year for 1 TB is more than 9 times what I'd pay for 5 years of a 1 TB internal SATA

please indulge me. you said you could run the same setup for 9x less than $120, over 5 years, right? so $120 / 9 = $13, over 5 years is $13 / 5 = $3 per year, right?

Try $47.45/year

i'm no mathologist, but i'm pretty sure the $47 / year in power is already a lot greater than the $3 / year you quoted, right?

you all you did was factor in the cost of the drive itself, that's $50 for a 1TB drive ... that's still $10 / year over 5 years.

Comment: Re:Yeah, you can totally trust your data... (Score 1) 335

by farble1670 (#46478171) Attached to: 1GB of Google Drive Storage Now Costs Only $0.02 Per Month

that's a ridiculous comparison. just some of the many, many things you forgot about,

1. a backup mechanism, that probably involves multiple other drives and a computer
2. networking hardware and a broadband connection (if you are talking about parity w/ drive)
3. electricity to power all this stuff 24x7. just the electricity to power the rig is going to be around $20 / month.
4. your time maintaining the whole setup

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