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Comment Re:I'm not sure this is the right response (Score 1) 207

Except it wasn't about vigilantes taking down an illegal website because society hadn't stepped up to the task. They stole personal data and are now trying to blackmail people with it. Where are the vigilantes who watch over the vigilantes?

if the hackers wanted to blackmail users, they'd have not gone public, and would have contacted users independently. sorry that does't fit.

Comment Re:The New Napster (Score 1) 144

The argument that no one is *bothering* to prosecute is not a defense of a law existing that could be used to prosecute.

no, but if you are spending your time worrying about it, you have too much time on your hands.

it's also illegal to go 1MPH over the speed limit. are you worried about that?

Comment Re:Warning (Score 1) 144

Excellent. Now, which one of the things you just mentioned, doesn't completely suck in such an overwhelmingly over-the-top hysterical comedy of disgrace, that it didn't make what you had a decade earlier, look like so-much-higher tech that it was indistinguishable from magic?

i use probably 3 video services, and one music service and a regular basis and none of them suck.

google play music

Comment Re:The New Napster (Score 1) 144

There are outlandish things that are forbidden. For example, the DMCA means my ripping of my own personal DVD and Blu Ray discs to HDD is not lawful, which is absurd.

i love how people use things like this to reject copyright laws all together. NO ONE is bashing in your front door and tazing you because you made a copy of a DVD you purchased. in fact, how about referencing one single instance where that has happened. no?

Popcorn time I've never used, but the principle of the thing doesn't appeal either, I want to actually have my library at hand at any given time.

PT is just a torrent client. the movies are downloaded to your computer (or mobile device). all the "streaming" mode does is download the blocks in-order, and download up to a certain amount of them before it starts playing.

Comment Re:Warning (Score 1) 144

You don't ever want to be in a situation where the people you buy a service (or media) from, are also in control of the software that you use. Think back and see if you can ever remember a situation where that happened

let's see ... every single pay service that requires you to go to their web site to view or listen to content? your browser is just something that downloads and runs software from the folks that supply the service.

Comment Re: the USA is Portugal (Score 1) 87

You and those who upvoted you are the ones who 'need to relax', because you interpreted the comparison to Portugal as if it was compared to Romania or something, meaning the US is backwards. But again, I don't think it's the correct interpretation.

No one gives a sh*t about Portugal, in the context of this topic. I know you'd like to think this conversation is all about P but the bottom line is no one cares. P is an -insert 2nd world nation here- place filler.

We know P was a world power 400-500 years ago is irrelevant. We all had world history in grade school. We are very proud of P for achieving that. Good for them. We get it. But completely off topic and irrelevant to this conversation.

Comment Re:the USA is Portugal (Score 4, Insightful) 87

the USA is Portugal in the race to the New (Space) World.

Maybe you forgot that we landed a sensor and manipulator packed dune buggy on mars? Or that probe that just surveyed the Pluto system and is heading to the Kuiper belt? Or the Opportunity rover that's been active on Mars for over ten years and is still chugging along? Oh ... all of that on a severely reduced budget.

No, it's just that the USA does the hard stuff. We just don't do the space equivalent of cargo hauling.

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