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Comment: Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1) 204

if you look at the kind of things that these bots do, it turns out that the bots are not a symptom of bad players, but of a bad game

yes, it's so bad that people pay their monthly fees and spend thousands of hours leveling their characters. just a terrible game indeed.

And this doesn't hurt other players at all

wrong. MMOs are all about your place respective to other players. how do you think it makes the non-cheating customers feel if they spend 5000 hours leveling their character but someone else does it in 10 hours of screen time with a bot? you think it makes the vast majority of paying customers feel good about the game? like they want to keep devoting their precious time and money?

this is nothing more than keeping the vast majority of the paying customer base happy. and yeah, it's a money grab because as soon as the average person feels the game is overrun with bots, they stop paying.

Comment: Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1) 204

Because they'd still have to pay their monthly fees.

what costs do those monthly fees go toward, pre-profit? bandwidth. electricity. maintenance. etc. all of those costs get multiplied by bots. humans don't play for weeks straight. a bot is a net loss for the company.

people seem to forget that just because it's digital doesn't mean it's without operating costs.

Comment: Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1) 204

The smart thing would be to sort the players. But the bot-users and hackers on one set of servers, and the genuine players on another set. Get money from both camps, without them disturbing each other.

it's all about having an advantage. bots exists to gain an advantage. if everyone is a bot, it defeats the point.

not to mention, bots put excessive load on their servers beyond what would be possible with a human player.

Comment: Re:Some good data... (Score 1) 434

by farble1670 (#49649077) Attached to: Google Can't Ignore the Android Update Problem Any Longer

No you can't disable *every* app. On my S5 for example there are several for which the "Disable" button is disabled.

on my nexus, i can disable any (firmware) app. note that you can't disable non-firmware apps, simply because you have the option of uninstalling them.

so, then why'd you buy a samsung product? people keep complaining about things like this, but then they go out and support products that implement such restrictions. lesson learned?

Comment: Re:gosh (Score 1) 164

by farble1670 (#49590433) Attached to: The United States Just Might Be Iran's Favorite New Nuclear Supplier

Nukes are a thoroughly shit offensive weapon. If you throw a nuke at anyone you will get stomped out of existence.

completely misunderstanding the problem. the fear is that if iran gets nukes, they'll supply smaller groups that can't be retaliated against without massive collateral damage (not that you can ever avoid collateral damage with nukes).

e.g., a nuke is launch from the mountains around the pakistan / afghan border. what do you do? nuke pakistan?

Comment: Re:*Badly (Score 1) 223

by farble1670 (#49580589) Attached to: Windows 10 Can Run Reworked Android and iOS Apps

There's no reason why they shouldn't be able to get this to work.

it's a massive engineering effort, and they admit as much in the article. even if you 98% of the things working, the last 2% is going to cause unacceptable app crashes.

think about the engineering effort to take the entire iOS *and* Android SDK, plus the Google APIs, and make them all work with MSFT. that's not just string manipulations, it's all of the APIs that connect to cloud services, sensors, and so on.

Comment: Re:assuming they reverse-engineer the libraries (Score 4, Interesting) 223

by farble1670 (#49580519) Attached to: Windows 10 Can Run Reworked Android and iOS Apps

Why would anyone need to reverse engineer open source libraries from Android?

because they are also providing MSFT implementations of the Google APIs which of course are not open source. should be easy enough. e.g., provide a maps implementation that works exactly like Google maps.

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