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Comment: Re:The perfect summary of the case: (Score 2, Insightful) 313

yeah, i read that article. it's kind of baseless. she uses the term "frivolous" over and over, but that would imply she knew that facts and evaluated the situation. there's no facts in the article all. she's calling it frivolous because,

"A job is an exchange of services on one side for compensation on the other. If that exchange is not working for either side, then move on. If you don't like how you are being treated, what you are getting paid, your opportunities, your co-workers or any other aspect of where you are working, leave and get a new job or start your own business."

basically, she an extreme capitalist that doesn't believe in "workers' rights" at all. she's saying "hey, being discriminating on? just leave and work somewhere else. it's a free country." while that probably was an option for Ms. Pao, it's not an option for everyone. there's got to be a balance.

and this,

"leave and get a new job or start your own business."

that's just a little elitist. assuming everyone has the capital to start their own business.

Comment: Re: Centralized on GitHub! LOL! (Score 1) 113

With Git, you have a full copy of the repo just by virtue of having "checked out" a copy. You can still get some work done without access to the central server

sure, as long as you aren't collaborating on anything, or if you are, you have a mirror. my guess is that most github users don't create mirrors.

Comment: Re:Bummer (Score 1) 324

by farble1670 (#49356651) Attached to: RSA Conference Bans "Booth Babes"

what are you implying that a woman who dresses provocatively is trying to provoke

um yeah? that's the definition of the word right? but yeah, i guess someone (anyone, any gender) who runs around in tight fitting clothes exposing skin is doing so because that's so comfortable, and to stay cool? maybe it's too increase blood circulation? hm.

christ man, get over it. dress is often focused on attracting the opposite (or the same) sex. bodies are alluring. that's why dudes with big guns where tight fitting shirts. and so on. it doesn't bother me. does it bother you?

and the OP used the word "slutty". i guess i should have stuck with that over provacative. much less controversial right?

Comment: Re:Bummer (Score 1) 324

by farble1670 (#49351007) Attached to: RSA Conference Bans "Booth Babes"

1) If women perceive your "kind and friendly" behavior as "creepy," then you are not behaving "kind and friendly." You are, in fact, behaving like a "creep."

that's just not true. a lot of it depends on if there's mutual attraction. take two guys, one with brad pitt looks, and another with steve buscemi looks. put the same words in their mouth. see what happens.

what makes someone creepy is when they don't take a hint. you can't fault someone for trying.

Want to come across as "kind and friendly"? ...

yes, thanks for the "how to talk to girls 101" lesson. you are clearly the expert.

Comment: Re:Bummer (Score 1) 324

by farble1670 (#49350837) Attached to: RSA Conference Bans "Booth Babes"

Actually they can still have booth babes they just need to look professional. Personally a beautiful woman tastefully dressed is more of a turn on than the slutty look anyway.

maybe it's a personal problem that you assume a woman that dresses provocatively is a "slut". well, i guess if she dresses like that it must mean she wants it all the time right?

wait, i guess you did only say "slutty look", so she looks like a slut but may not be one? i encourage you to try that distinction on the next "slutty looking" woman you come across and see if it makes a difference.

Comment: Re:Whatever ... (Score 1) 141

by farble1670 (#49330675) Attached to: "Google Glass Isn't Dead!" Says Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

Google keeps telling us what the future is going to be ... the problem is that future is designed to profit Google.

really? i thought they were just a bunch of nice guys that like spending billions of dollars on R&D out of the goodness of their hearts?

really, really sick of folks treating the rest of us like we're idiots. we ALL KNOW that google uses analytics and customer data to earn a profit. we get it, we fully understand. you're not dropping some massive bomb of reality on us shattering our view of the world.

most of the world is okay with it. getting some targeted ads is a damn small price to pay for the massive infrastructure of services that google provides without charge, IMHO. fine, you don't agree, but stop patronizing us. we get it, and we don't agree with you.

Comment: Re:EA got too greedy (as usual) (Score 1) 256

by farble1670 (#49280067) Attached to: SimCity's Empire Has Fallen and Skylines Is Picking Up the Pieces

It wasn't a hacked account, though.

yes i know that. it looked suspicious (rightly so) and got put on hold because of it. that's a good thing.

your account wasn't put on hold as punishment for not logging in. it was done so because your actions makes your account look like it was abandoned, then hacked.

Comment: Re:EA got too greedy (as usual) (Score 2, Insightful) 256

by farble1670 (#49279621) Attached to: SimCity's Empire Has Fallen and Skylines Is Picking Up the Pieces

As mentioned two levels up, they did lock my account after several years of not logging in, and I had to mail support to get it unlocked again.

that's because your situation is likely to be a hacked account. let's face it, you're acting extremely paranoid. don't be surprised when you get flagged for that behavior.

To err is human -- to blame it on a computer is even more so.