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Comment Re: Real Name Policy (Score 1) 271

It actually doesn't matter what the reason is. There are people in sensitive situations, and there are people to whom privacy simply matters. It's my choice.

sure is your choice. let me ask, is someone holding a gun to your head making you use google? it's perfectly fine if you don't want to use google because of privacy reasons, but that's not what this thread is about is it?

there are some nuts here that refused to use g+ because of the shared data, but that has nothing to do with why it failed en masse.

every google-related thread gets co-opted with 10k posts about "well i don't use google because of blah blah privacy blah blah ads". it's a waste of bits.

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 1) 271

I found myself relying upon the privacy ethics of google and, for me, that was like trying to stand on quicksand.

you think it's unethical for one division of a corporation to share data with another? guess what, ALL corporation do that. do you think when sony's display division comes to their gaming division and asks for access to their user data, the VP says "no i'm sorry, that wouldn't be ethical."


Comment Re:Privacy (Score 1) 271

At least with Facebook, you generally knew what non-FB sites would post on your FB, as it would ask for your FB login

which of google search and google youtube count as "non-google" sites? that's a terrible analogy. the analogy would be facebook chat had a different login from facebook proper. it doesn't.

Comment Re:Real Name Policy (Score 1) 271

. . . and is made immeasurably worse by the real name policy. If you want me to participate in an online community in a lasting and meaningful way, there's no way in hell I'm using my real name.

slashdot. where people come to state their oddities to the world in some vane notion that they are relevant.

How many people think they've had any change of heart vs. thinking (as I've seen expressed here) they've found some other sneaky way to "link" you across their services?

how many people care, outside of the few excessively posting privacy nuts here? having a common login across services is a massive convenience for 99% of us. i can't even understand the objection. because when i do something illegal on youtube, they'd be able to link that to my gmail address? because when i search for "taylor swift" on youtube, i might be shown a taylor swift ad in google search. my god!

google isn't for you. don't use it. stop complaining that it doesn't meet your anachronistic principles. just move on. you aren't the great educator informing the masses of the evils of google. we all know what they do. most of us consider it more than fair trade for the value we get from them.

Comment Re:Steam machines were already useless (Score 1) 170

let me guess, you love to play games, and fancy yourself a geek because you know the specs of all the latest graphics cards ... but know nothing about software development or game development.

the proof is in the fact they games aren't ported unless there's an obvious revenue stream. if it was "easy" as setting some constant to "LINUX" they'd do that and make a few extra $. or, maybe all those game development studios and everyone employed therein are idiots and just waiting for someone with your insight on game development to enlighten them.

Comment Re:Steam Link (Score 1) 170

consoles have very custom hardware. i really can't listen to you if you are going to sit here and tell me they are "just PCs". they aren't. go do some reading. nothing could be further from the truth.

Furthermore, if there were magic future proof hardware, they would just put that in PCs as well.

the difference? consoles make money from people buying games. the console itself is a loss which is why they future proof them. if they had to R&D new consoles every two years they'd never make a profit. with PCs, the vendors make money from selling you hardware. they have zero interest in future proofing their designs.

Also, I can play high end games on a 10 year old PC. I just need to turn down all the graphics settings, which is exactly what the version of games running on old consoles do.

Xbox 360 outperforms your 10 year old PC in gaming. period.

Comment Re:..all versions of Android after and including 2 (Score 1) 120

If at first you don't succeed, fucking blame someone else.

Stop it, you are embarrassing yourself.

You read the part where Google patched AOSP in 48 hours right? WTF do you want them to do? They don't have the ability push updates to phones issued by Verizon et al., let alone some oddball carrier in Thailand.

Comment Re:Easiest question all week. (Score 1) 252

That may not sound like a huge percentage, but 17% said they weren't sure when they would buy one

considering the conditions under which we will be able to drive them (insurance, liability, and so) are largely not understood, i'm surprised it's that low.

the other people had various qualifications of when they would buy one

so people have questions about a a brand new product that for the most part isn't for sale yet, that 99.999% of them have never experienced. surprising stuff!

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