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Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 296

This is why I don't give a damn about sites which want to charge me for a membership, because they have an interest in taking my money

and .... you lost us.

if someone is providing a service, they should be able to charge for it. how do you think things like netflix exist? it's up to you to judge if you think the transfer of money for services is worth it. it's not that hard. let me guess, you also use adblock right?

if you can give me directions to your magical fairy land where massive tech infrastructures and funded by good intentions, i'd be thankful.

Comment (Score 1) 296

Tinder is completely legit too, but it's not a site at all, really more of a hookup app and because of its lack of detailed profiles, doesn't facilitate finding compatible partners.

if i've learned anything, it's that people don't know what they want. the proof is is in the number of divorces. in western culture people are free to couple with whoever they want, but they consistently pick the wrong person.

point being, i think your chances of finding a "soulmate" from a random hookup are as good as from OKCupid or some other site that purports to link you with your perfect match.

Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 1) 224

they're making a lot less than if they were selling me both

for most people, they do sell them both. why? because internet costs $70, and it's only $30 more dollars for TV, and they get 150 channels! most people don't turn that down. the price of internet is inflated so they can make it seem like a bargain to get TV (+ phone).

Comment Re:Limited unlimited (Score 2) 224

You do know that cordcutters who use their streaming subscriptions, HD at 3GB/hr, four hours a day [], already blows that cap, right? That that's just for one person at less than the national average video usage per day?

Netflix requires 3.0Mb/s (megabits / s) for HD (less for SD). that's 375KB/s.

375KB/s * 60s * 60m = 1.35GB / hr. at that rate, you could watch HD content for 222 hours straight (9.25 days) before you'd hit your 300GB cap. seems pretty reasonable to me.

source: math.

Comment Re: Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 206

This, I discovered the hard way, is not a universal quality of Android devices. Depending on the manufacturer and carrier, some are quite a bit less open than even iDevices.

that's the kind of comment that is worthless without some details. the basic security features features, for better or worse, remain the same across vendors. obviously, since the underlying OS is the same.

Comment Re:I'm not sure this is the right response (Score 1) 213

Except it wasn't about vigilantes taking down an illegal website because society hadn't stepped up to the task. They stole personal data and are now trying to blackmail people with it. Where are the vigilantes who watch over the vigilantes?

if the hackers wanted to blackmail users, they'd have not gone public, and would have contacted users independently. sorry that does't fit.

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