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Comment Re:SSD (Score 2) 92

that you're forced to use at work

You need to get out of the basement a little more. The latest Surface devices have pretty much attained universal praise. This tablet isn't even in the same league spec-wise. And yes, like Ubuntu is the OS of choice for PCs these days, right? Okay, to be fair, 2016 could be the Year of the Linux Desktop.

Comment Re:SSD (Score 1) 92

consumers will want Windows or Android because they have never heard of Ubuntu or Linux

I think this runs a little deeper than consumer education. Consumers will want a modern spec'd device. This is 2 years ago at best. Consumers will want a mature app ecosystem.

Consumers will require 10 hours of battery life. Android has many restrictions on what apps can and cannot do based on conserving electrons. If you just run a bunch of desktop-developed Linux packages, I can guarantee you, you'll be looking at 4 hours of battery, if you are lucky. Probably less.

Comment Re:I can give input there! (Score 1) 222

i know, analogies can be a tough nut for some people but it's a really useful tool to help understand the world at times.

see how well that logic works?

no, we don't. you said this,

downloading someone else's bot is just pointless

why? we all use tools produced by other people (even you). you may get additional satisfaction from building your own tools, but the benefit of using a tool isn't negated because it was built by someone else. the usefulness of a tool is orthogonal to how it was acquired.

Comment Re:Be aware (Score 1) 159

Myself, I use Incognito mode primarily to be able to use gmail and Youtube with separate accounts.

google already has support for multi-account. i have 2 gmail tabs open to my 2 google accounts right now. hint: click on your avatar in the upper right. you can also setup multiple "profiles" in chrome and switch between them. i do not prefer this though since it everything is sandboxed (history, extensions, bookmarks, etc).

Comment Re:Microsoft invading even on Android OS of Google (Score 1) 159

Check all your Samsung devices with Android OS and check all TCP connections of your Apple devices. Android OS phones home to MS and Google 24/7 while all Apple devices connects to Apple servers 24/7 too.

Sigh. They aren't "phoning home". How do you think things like push notifications work? They keep a persistent connection open.

Comment Re:Microsoft invading even on Android OS of Google (Score 1) 159

I was surprised when Android also connects to Redmond HQ of Microsoft

You don't say what type of phone you have, or what apps you have installed. it's a very, big stretch to say this has anything to do with Android proper.

But anyway, step 1: disable the Exchange services app that's pre-installed on many devices (my Nexus 6P doesn't have it any longer, good riddance). I've seen it in the logs spewing connection failed messages even though I've never configured or used it.

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