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Comment Re:why even give 2 weeks? (Score 1) 675

The accepted rule of thumb (when no other agreement is in place) is that your notice period matches your pay period.

You can't actually force anyone to work. By not working a company could claim a loss of revenue. However even in cases where this could be measured easily (like sales) the company rarely wins out.


Submission + - Jsblend tool makes remote file comparison easier (

fantastic writes: Nimish Pachapurkar has released the latest version of his open source tool jsblend, a web based diff and merge tool. This new release supports the ability to diff'ing and merging remote files a significant upgrade to earlier releases

Although there are some existing well known diff tools around they can be awkward to use on a remote machine. jsblend works around this by running the diff merge on the same machine as your local web browser and allows you to visually pick the changes you want to merge


Submission + - Why software updates don't work (

An anonymous reader writes: Every developer at some point needs to work out how to apply updates to their program. The larger the user base, the greater potential for failure. But why do software updates fail? Why are there IT standards for managing the risk of change but no standards for change itself? This new white paper Intelligent updates to configuration files analyses the existing technology such as MSI and RPM and why they let developers down and proposes a new approach.

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