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+ - OLPC to be available to general public

Submitted by fang2415
fang2415 (987165) writes "Finally, the folks at OLPC have confirmed that the "$100 laptop" will be available to the general public. Actually, you'll have to buy two — one for yourself and one for a student in the developing world. OLPC chief connectivity officer Michalis Bletsas has outlined a plan to sell the OLPCs to the public "sometime in the next year" and envisions a sponsorship program that would link donors and sponsors via e-mail. "How to [distribute to consumers] efficiently without adding to the cost is difficult," he said. "We're discussing it with our partner eBay. We need to minimise supply chain cost , which is pretty high in the western world." Beats mobsters mugging kids and selling them on the black market, I say. Sign me up for one — I mean two."

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