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Submission A development environment still usable in 25 years time? 9

pev writes: Working on an embedded project that will need to be maintainable for the next 25 years. This raises the interesting question of how this can be best supported. The obvious solution seems to be to use a VM that has a portable disk image that can be moved to any emulators in the future (the build environment is currently based around Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / x86_64) but how do you predict what vendors / hardware will be available in 25 years? Is anyone currently supporting software of a similar age that can share lessons learned from experience? Where do you choose to draw the line between handling likely issues and making things overly complicated?

Comment Doomed to failure (Score 1) 199

Any attempt to use food as power resource is doomed to failure.

See the example in Brazil, we extensively use ethanol from sugar cane to fuel cars, more than 95% of cars produced in Brazil can use any mixture of ethanol and gasoline.

Since Brazil also uses sugar cane to produce sugar, and the global demand for food is increasing. Most producers of sugar cane prefer to sell their production to sugar mills, instead of to ethanol plants, raising substantially the ethanol price at a rate that it's not economically viable to use ethanol to replace gasoline.

Comment Re:Feedly looks ok (Score 4, Interesting) 287

This has been a pet peeve of mine for ages now as well. However, this particular instance is what convinced me to finally get off my ass and do what I've been meaning to do for about 2 years now:

1) New Gmail account
2) Fake Facebook account
3) Fake Twitter account
4) Use these for every sign-in thing on all the stupid websites that have a boner for social media.

These accounts will never have friends. They won't have any followers to spam. "Will you allow us to post to your feed?" 'Sure. Even I will never ever see it.' I'm happily experimenting with a couple news readers now despite their asinine requirement that I sign in or otherwise attach one of the above.

Comment Re:Apple lost in court (Score 1) 263

I DO think that brazilian legislators are as corrupt as they were 10 years ago (2003) or 15 years ago (1998).

They will sell themselves so they can have their own Apple iPhones without having to struggle into "popular prices shoppings"

And Brazil IS still a "Banana Republic". Do you really think that rich people will ever be arrested for driving drunk?

Comment Re:Apple knows how to handle this (Score 1) 263

If Apple buys Grandiente it will be a win-win situation.

Gradiente was a recognizable brand in Brazil until early 2000's. It has licensed products from Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC, Nokia, Atari, Nintendo in Brazil, including Nokia 7110 (The Matrix Cellphone). This caused a very good impression on the quality of their products

On middle 2000's Gradiente went into bankrupt. The brand was sold and the new owner has put it on hold until now.

IMO Grandiente don't have a bright future ahead. Their only chance is to sell the company, or only the brand iPhone, to Apple, and hope to license other brands again.

Comment Re:Apple lost in court (Score 3, Insightful) 263

If Apple stops selling the iPhone in Brazil, there will be massive illegal import paying no taxes for government. Maybe this is the most intelligent movement for Apple at the moment. Brazilian government won't accept such a loss of tax income and will provide a "legal" solution for Apple.

Submission Carmageddon 4: Reincarnation is 50K short of a Linux Port on KickStarter->

An anonymous reader writes: Stainless Games, the developers of the classic & controversial "Carmageddon" demolition-racing games of the 1990s, have been fundraising on to make Carmageddon 4: Reincarnation, a modern 2012-tech remake of the old 90s racing games, a reality for several weeks now. They overshot their original goal of raising 400,000 Dollars several days ago, and are currently at 550,000 Dollars pledged, with 32 hours remaining in the funddrive. Here's the kicker: If Stainless manage to reach the "Stretch Goal" of 600,000 Dollars pledged before time runs out, they will commit themselves to making a Linux version of Carmageddon 4: Reincarnation. For those of you itching to play good old Carmageddon again, with 2012-level gfx & physics, multiplayer over internet & LAN, and natively on Linux to boot, you have 32 hours to put your money where your gaming desires are. Lets hope Stainless Games can raise enough in the next day-and-a-half — the missing 50K — to make a Linux port of the next Carmageddon game in the series financially viable!
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Submission Original Carmageddon Studio plans new game, DRM free Linux and Mac Versions->

An anonymous reader writes: After losing the rights to their break-out game years ago, Stainless is back with a new incarnation of Carmageddon.

Their Kickstarter campaign ends Wednesday evening, and they're a measly $50k from their stretch goal of offering DRM free Mac and Linux versions of the game. It's refreshing to see an original author scratch back their IP from a major developer and refresh their beloved franchise. Perhaps we'll see more of our old favorites rise from the dead like this as Kickstarter campaigns allow indie studios to raise the capital they need to give fans what they want.

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Comment In Related Old News: Zynga Sues Vostu for Cloning (Score 3, Interesting) 245

I remember very well. In the remote year of 2011 Zynga was accusing Vostu of cloning some of their game.

Also in 2009 Zynga was sued for Copyright infringement, this time the settlement was filled by Psycho Monkey, due to the game Mafia Wars.

It seems that there is something very supicious happening with Zynga.

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